Faculty and Staff Directory

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Abranches, Beverley - Exercise Specialist

Adams, Dr. Francis - Associate Dean of the School of Business and Associate Professor of Finance

Addis, Joni - Technical Services Librarian

Addison, Ryan - Maintenance Technician

Alexander, Ken - Educational Resources Manager

Amaker, Dr. Corey - Associate Vice President for Planning and Assessment

Anderson, Dr. Lavinia - Associate Professor of Education

Andrews, Mary - Admissions Data Entry Specialist

Atcheson, Marty - Senior Vice President for Finance


Bagwell, Tonda - Manager of Contracts and Adjunct Payroll

Barry, Doug - Food Service Director

Bartlett, Brian - Systems Administrator

Bell, Dr. Gloria - Professor Emerita of English

Bickel, Brice - Regional Director for Recruitment Services-Greenville

Bickel, Brittany - Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Enrollment Management

Black, Dr. Robert - Professor of Religion

Black, Dr. Laura - Professor Emerita of English

Blinkey, Jessica - Admissions Coordinator-Greenville

Bloxdorf, Emily - Admissions Counselor

Bolding Harned, Regina - Associate Registrar

Bolton, Dr. Clayton - Assistant Professor of Recreation & Sport Management

Boone, Nancy - Accounts Payable Secretary

Bowen, James - Professor Emeritus of Accounting

Bowers, Angie - Student Services Coordinator-Greenville

Bowling, Rob - Grounds Superintendent

Bracken, Rhonda - Administrative Assistant to the VP for Finance

Brockinton, Willa - Director of Conference Services

Brockinton, Dr. Joe - Vice President for Student Life

Brooks, Shannon - Assistant Director of Library Services

Broome, Devon - Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller

Bross, Dr. James - Professor Emeritus of Religion

Brown-Bulloch, Dr. Lynn - Associate Professor of Business and Program Coordinator – Health Care Administration

Bryant, Joy - Executive Director of Alumni and Constituent Relations

Bryant, Jackie - Secretary for Fine Arts Division

Bryant, Missi - Secretary for Physical Plant

Budd, T.J. - Sports Information Director

Burnett, Pam - Secretary


Cabrera, Kristi - Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the School of Business

Caines, Dr. Royce - Professor of Business

Campbell, Dr. Don - Professor of Music

Carpenter, Andria - Learning Management System Administrator

Carter, Dr. Justin - Associate Vice President for Student Life

Cashwell, Ethan - Coordinator for Alumni Relations and Special Events

Catron, Jonathan - Director of Physical Plant

Chapman, Dr. Jacob - Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Chavez-Negrete, Dr. Raul - Associate Professor of Business

Chisholm, Dr. Basil "Chad" - Assistant Professor of English

Coggins, Micheal - Site Assistant-Greenville

Connor, Jamin - Computer Support Specialist 1

Connor, Dr. Keith - Professor of Physical Education

Corbin, Lisa - Assistant Director of Student Accounts-Traditional

Costello, Mary - Student Accounts Representative

Cotton, Kim - Financial Aid Counselor - Adult Programs

Couch, Dr. Daryl - Chair of Social Sciences Division and Assistant Professor of Psychology

Crawford, Joel - Student Services Coordinator - Charleston

Crawford, Liz - Library Assistant-Circulation


Davis, John - Head Women's Basketball Coach

Day, Greg - Associate Professor of Music and Director of Instrumental Ensemble

Dennis, Warren - Computer Support Specialist 2

Dill, Jane - Chair, Fine Arts Division and Professor of Music

Dill, Rev. Ken - Associate Vice President for Spiritual Life and University Chaplain

Doctor, DePayne - Admissions Coordinator - Charleston


East, Dr. Keith - Professor of Education and Coordinator of Graduate Field Studies

Eckert, Grace - Library Assistant

Eischen, Dr. Debra - Associate Professor of Business

Elerby, Gwenevere - Site Assistant-Charleston

Eller, Debbie - Secretary to the Counseling Center

Ellison, Kent - Computer Support Specialist 2

Evans, Ellis - Reference Librarian (Part-time)

Evatt, Brenda - Custodian


Finch, Fran - Secretary for Spiritual Life

Finley, Susan - Assistant Professor of Education and Coordinator of Field Studies

Fipps, Dr. Brad - Professor of Religion

Friedrich, Greer - Student Services Coordinator-Columbia & Online M.Ed.

Frost, Dana - Director of Human Resources


Gadsby, Casey - Administrative Assistant to the Provost and AVP for Planning and Assessment

Garren, Krista - Site Assistant-Central/Secretary for Faculty Services

Garrett, Ryan - Network Administrator

Garrett, Edith - Post Office Clerk and Assistant Director of Bookstore

Germain, Emily - Instructor - Psychology

Gillespie, Melanie - Director of Financial Aid

Gillespie, Mike - Head Baseball Coach and Assistant Director of Athletics

Gilliard, Cleveland - Site Assistant-North Augusta

Gonlag, Dr. Mari - Chair, Religion Division, Professor of Religion and Director of the Center for Women in Ministry

Grant, Misty - Financial Aid Counselor-Traditional Program

Grile, Dean - Senior Director of Recruitment Services

Guiry, Jackie - General Manager, Blue Hill Coffee & Tea Co.


Hall, Dr. Linda - Project Read Program Coordinator

Hall-Hyman, Dr. Lisa - Assistant Professor of Education

Hanson, Nikki - Payroll and Benefits Manager

Hanson, Katherine - Residence Life Coordinator

Harper, Matt - Groundskeeper

Harris, Ben - Custodian

Hartsoe, Janice - Registrar

Hayduk, Dr. Steven - Professor of Psychology; Coordinator of Studies in Psychology

Herron, Lori - University Nurse

Hodges, Paula - Cashier

Horne, Kelli - Assistant Professor of Accounting

Houke, Dr. Charlotte - Associate Professor of Accounting


Jachens, Dr. Darryl - Professor of Music and Coordinator of Studies in Music

Jacobs, Randy - Database Administrator

Jernigan, Darrell - Head Coach - Men's and Women's Tennis

Johnson, Staci - Assistant Professor of Biology and Lab Coordinator/Safety Officer

Johnson, Alaya - Admissions Coordinator-North Augusta

Jones, Danita - Senior Student Services Coordinator - Central & Online MBA

Jones, Arcola - Admissions Coordinator-Columbia

Jordan, Dr. Paul - Professor of Computer Science


Keaton, Michael - Assistant Professor of History

Kerstetter, Rev. Bob - Director of Worship and Discipleship

Kerstetter, Rev. Gail - Director of Music Ministry and Outreach

King, Dr. Carl - Associate Professor of Exercise Science

Kirk, Timothy - Assistant Professor of English

Kizer, Dr. Lee - Professor of Business

Knight, Lewis - Assistant Professor of Media Communication


LaBar, Dr. Martin - Professor Emeritus of Science

Ladd, Adam - Custodial Manager

Lam, Becky - Admissions Coordinator-North Augusta

Lathan, Debbie - Admissions Coordinator-Central

Lewis, Lillie - Assistant Professor of Education

Lindquist, Tracy - Distance Learning Coordinator

Littleton, Amy - Assistant Registrar

Lusk, Jody - Custodian

Lynn, Larry - Security Officer


Mahony, Dr. Jim - Professor Emeritus of Business

Mann, Brittany - Assistant Director of Student Accounts-AGS

Masters, Dr. Norman - Associate Professor of Business

Maxon, Joey - Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach

Mayfield, Joshua - Graphic Designer and Coordinator

McDonald, James - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science

McElrath, Chase - Groundskeeper

McJunkin, Benny - HVAC/Maintenance Assistant

McKenzie, Dr. Roger - Professor of Religion

McLendon, Dr. Sandra - Dean of the School of Education and Associate Professor of Education

McWherter, Dr. Lisa - Vice President for Advancement

Mealy, Dr. Betty - Professor Emerita of English

Mealy, Mark - Manager of User Services

Miller, Mark - Painter/Carpenter

Miller, Harold - Groundskeeper

Miller, Cami - Financial Aid Counselor - Adult Programs

Mishoe, Martha - Coordinator of Student Learning Services

Moody, Diana - Associate for Faculty Services

Morgan, Tasha - Asst. Director-Traditional Prog and General Operations

Morrell, Corey - Head Women's Soccer Coach

Morris, Melissa - Custodian

Mosley, Ruth - Custodian

Moss, Shanon - Custodian

Myers, Dr. Ken - Chair, Division of Humanities and Professor of History


Nash, Dr. Robert - Professor Emeritus of Biology

Nation, Dr. Rocky - Professor of Biology and Interim Chair of the Science Division

Nodine, Debra - Admissions Coordinator-Greenville

Norton, Jason - Regional Director - Recruitment Services - North Augusta


O'Bryant, Richard - Security Officer-3rd Shift

Owens, James - Educational Resources Assistant


Palomo, Janelle - Financial Aid Associate

Parham, Khristy - Records Counselor

Parham, Thomas - Computer Support Specialist 1

Parris, Cheryl - Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Paxton, Leah - Compliance Analyst

Payne, Tony - Associate Vice President for Development

Pelfrey, Katherine - Reference Librarian (part-time)

Perez, Monica - Director of Counseling and Health Services

Peters, Chad - Vice President for Enrollment Management

Peters, Sherri - Secretary to the Director of Athletics

Pilgrim, Brandy - Records Specialist

Pilgrim, Andrea - Administrative Assistant to the President's Office

Pittman, Donna - Senior Records Counselor

Potts, Jennifer - Director of AGS Student Services

Pranger, Phil - Director of Residence Life

Prescott, Katina - Site Assistant - Columbia

Preusz, Mike - Director of Information Technology

Preusz, Sandy - Student Accounts Representative


Rackley, Jane - Custodian

Rampey, Katelyn - Grants and Scholarships Coordinator

Raynor, Dr. Bill - Professor of Business

Reese, Jason - Residence Director of Eagles Rest

Reese, Amy - Administrative Assistant to the VP for Advancement

Reininga, Julia - Head Women's Volleyball Coach and Senior Women's Administrator

Rickman, Dr. Mickey - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Rodriguez, Camilo - Head Men's Soccer Coach

Rodriguez, Stephanie - Admissions Counselor

Ross, James - HVAC Technician

Rouse, Chip - Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach

Rowell, Dr. Melanie - Associate Professor of Music


Sales, Terri - Records Specialist

Schaupp, Don - Assistant Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

Schleifer, Dr. Paul - Professor of English

Schmutz, Dr. James - Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Sears, Robert - Director of Library Services

Sears, Roberta - Administrative Assistant for School of Education

Sewall, Michael - Administrative Assistant

Shepard, Adrienne - Data Entry Assistant

Shirley, Kristi - Assistant Bookstore Manager/Post Office Clerk

Shirley, Byron - Landscape Manager

Shotsberger, Dr. Paul - Professor of Mathematics

Sinnamon, Dr. Walt - Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Chair of Science Division, and Professor of Biology

Slagle, Jeff - Student Services Coordinator-Online Undergraduate Programs

Small, Ryan - Head Athletic Trainer

Smith, Samuel - Part-time Security Officer

Specter, Barbara - Regional Director for Recruitment Services - Columbia

Stancil, Darlene - Bookstore Manager

Stancil, Wayne - Assistant Director of Physical Plant

Staton, Becca - Head Coach-Women's Softball

Stewart, Allison - Cashier

Stewart, Keri - Human Resources Coordinator

Stewart, Amanda - Leave of Absence Officer/Internal Auditor

Strickland, Keith - Plumber/Electrician


Tallman, Neal - Admissions Coordinator-Columbia

Taylor, Mark - Custodian - 2nd Shift

Tegen, Jason - Residence Life Coordinator

Tegen, Deanna - Accounting Director

Thiel, Greg - Head Coach - Men's and Women's Track and Field

Thomas, Cody - Assistant Director of Marketing

Thomas, Kindel - Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life

Thompson, Alisha - Data Specialist

Thomson, Leigh - Admissions Coordinator - Charleston

Thornton, Dr. Mona - Associate Dean of the School of Education and Professor of Education

Tilson, Susan - Student Accounts Representative

Timmerman, Laura - Assistant Professor of Economics

Todd, Curtis - Events and Stage Manager

Tolan, Rev. Dave - Missionary-in-Residence/Student Missions Fellowship

Trudel, Jared - Admissions Counselor

Trudel, Dr. Jeannie - Dean of the School of Business and Associate Professor of Business

Turner, Maggie - Director of Community Engagement


Underwood, Joan - Custodian

Urbina, Allie - Graphic Designer and Coordinator


Vanderford, Marianne - Instructor - Special Education

Vess, Melissa - Assistant Director for Admissions

Voss, Dr. Todd - President


Wagner, Dr. Jennifer - Assistant Professor of Special Education

Wan, Dr. Jean - Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Watson, Jeff - Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance

Welborn, Kim - Associate Professor of English and Writing

Welch, Ed - Assistant Director of Communications and Web Coordinator

Wilkes, Jamey - Reference Librarian

Williams, Charles - Assistant Professor of Business

Williams, Mildred - Assistant Professor of Psychology

Williams, Chris - Director of Athletics

Williamson, Donald - Student Services Coordinator-North Augusta

Wimphrie, Charles - Head Men's Basketball Coach and Assistant Director of Athletics

Wood, Donna - Office Manager - Admissions

Wood, Dr. Don - Professor Emeritus of Religion

Wood, Dr. Paul B. - Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Woodworth, Dr. Fred - Professor Emeritus of Education


Young, Jonathan - Associate Professor of Accounting

Young, Greg - Admissions Coordinator-Central

Young, Amanda - Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management