Duncan Children's Ministry Lab

Southern Wesleyan University is preserving and renovating the historic campus church to become the Nicholson-Mitchell Christian Ministry Center. As a part of the many up-to-date, cutting-edge features of the new educational center, there will be a Children’s Ministry Lab. We want to name it in honor of David and Shirley Duncan, and we need your help. We're well on our way to the goal of $25,000 in designated donations.


David and Shirley Duncan have been serving Christ by serving children since 1989 at Hephzibah Ministries, located in Macon, GA. Shirley grew up at Hephzibah as a child, and after graduating from college, married David, where they met in Greek class at Southern Wesleyan University. They have three grown children (all girls: Jamie, Aimee, and Halley) and three grandchildren (all boys: Blake, Thomas, and Ayden). 


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Shirley Duncan

Shirley serves on staff at Hephzibah as Director of Public and Church Relations while David is the campus chaplain. Both consider it an honor to give back to God just as others have poured into their lives. Through the years, they have served The Wesleyan Church and worked with children and youth as church staffers, VBS directors, camp counselors, children’s camp speakers and special event coordinators.

David Duncan

David is often referred to as the "Minister of Mirth," and together, he and Shirley have discovered the deep-rooted joy that only Jesus can give during life’s darkest moments. Their infectious sense of humor is enjoyed by all who know and love them! God has given them each the spiritual gift of encouragement and laughter!  You'll discover from the "Doctor of Joyology" that only the Great Physician can touch and heal: the One who made the body knows how to mend it! And, that Proverbs 17: 22 is a prescription for abundant living: "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."