Information Literacy

Quality Enhancement Project (QEP) Resources

 QEP Overview

Requirements for QEP Projects I, II, and III

Resources for your Students:

  • Students should go to Tutoring/Accommodations in MySWU and click on "Chalk & Wire" to find resources to help them create a QEP portfolio and upload content.


    Ideas for Helping Students with Information Literacy

    Information Literacy Landscape

    Idea #1

    Ensure they have tools to evaluate sources they find online

    Idea #2

    Require students to use best practices for citing sources, even when not doing research-based assignments

    • Have them do an informal works consulted page
    Idea #3

    Have them find a print source BEFORE you have them find it electronically

    • Sources that have different physical formats all look the SAME in databases.
    • Seeing the print sources helps them understand what they are looking at, and what they are looking for.
    Idea #4

    Bring them in to the library

    • Can be a formal instruction session, or something very informal
    • We suggest bringing them in closer to the time an assignment is due, rather than at the very beginning of the semester. Or, do two mini-sessions instead of one large session.
    • We also have a variety of virtual options for reaching students remotely and/or in the AGS program
    Idea #5

    Work with us to create a video tutorial about resources for your course or assignment

    • Can be for an entire course, or specific assignment, or part of an assignment
    • See examples on the library website by clicking on “Research Guides” on the right-hand side.