Student Services Staff

Angie Bowers - Student Services Coordinator-Greenville

Location: AGS-Greenville 100

Phone: 864-672-7981, Ext. 5613 - Email:

Micheal Coggins - Site Assistant-Greenville

Location: AGS-Greenville

Phone: 864-672-7981, Ext. 5609 - Email:

Joel Crawford - Student Services Coordinator - Charleston

Location: AGS Charleston

Phone: 843-266-7981, Ext. 5640 - Email:

Gwenevere Elerby - Site Assistant-Charleston

Location: AGS-Charleston

Phone: 843-266-7981, Ext. 5642 - Email:

Greer Friedrich - Student Services Coordinator-Columbia & Online M.Ed.

Location: AGS-Columbia

Phone: 803-744-7981, Ext. 5628 - Email:

Krista Garren - Site Assistant-Central/Secretary for Faculty Services

Location: Newby Education Ctr. 111/Brower 102

Phone: 864-644-5356/864-644-5202 - Email:

Cleveland Gilliard - Site Assistant-North Augusta

Location: AGS-North Augusta

Phone: 803-426-7981, Ext. 5653 - Email:

Danita Jones - Senior Student Services Coordinator - Central & Online MBA

Location: Newby Education Ctr. 110

Phone: 864-644-5351 - Email:

Jennifer Potts - Director of AGS Student Services

Location: Stuart-Bennett 0-8C

Phone: 864-644-5532 - Email:

Katina Prescott - Site Assistant - Columbia

Location: AGS-Columbia

Phone: 803-744-7981 Ext. 5629 - Email:

Jeff Slagle - Student Services Coordinator-Online Undergraduate Programs

Location: AGS-North Augusta

Phone: 803-426-7981, Ext. 5654 - Email:

Donald Williamson - Student Services Coordinator-North Augusta

Location: AGS-North Augusta

Phone: 803-426-7981 Ext. 5655 - Email:

Student Services staff desire to ensure you are having an excellent learning experience and your program is progressing as smoothly and efficiently as possible for you.  Please contact your Student Services Coordinator if there is anything we can do to help. We can assist with most academic issues that arise, or we can at least point you to the person or department that can provide further assistance for you. 

The Student Services Coordinator helps with leaves of absence, withdrawals, schedule changes, academic advisement, appeals, and plans for degree completion.

The Site Assistant is available in the evening during your class time to assist with any general questions or concerns that arise.

Please let us know how we can make your learning experience more enjoyable, and thank you for allowing us to come alongside you on this journey!

Fax Numbers for each Education Center Student Services

Central - 864-644-5914
Charleston - 864-644-5916
Columbia - 864-644-5918
Greenville - 864-644-5964
North Augusta - 864-644-5975