Program Format

By attending classes one night each week and participating in learning team activities, adult students at Southern Wesleyan University can complete the associate degree in 30 months or less, complete major requirements for the bachelor's degree in approximately 22 months, or earn the master's degree in approximately 18 months.

Adult evening programs are geared toward the way adults learn, with active participation, learning outside the classroom, and an emphasis on applying what you're learning to your professional situation.

To make sure everyone is involved and engaged, most courses use a workshop-style format that is designed to generate class-wide discussions about ideas and allow you to evaluate the subject matter based on your practical experiences. With this format, teachers are no longer lecturers but facilitators who can offer new theories and perspectives for discussion.

Time Commitment

Classes meet once a week for four hours. Additionally, students should expect to allocate approximately four hours per week to their studies and projects; however, the amount of time may vary from course to course depending on the goals of the particular curriculum. There are no classes scheduled around certain holidays.

Class attendance is mandatory. Because much of your learning occurs through in-class discussions with other students, attendance at each is critical for the classes to flow smoothly.

Adult Course modules

You'll know exactly what to expect for each course and for each week. Every course uses a module that outlines the weekly assignments and projects, the overall goals of the course, and the steps you'll take to fulfill the goals.

Textbooks and Materials

Adult evening and online students taking an online course are likely to receive an e-textbook and electronic supplemental materials. Utilizing e-textbooks ensures you are receiving the most recent version of the textbook and greater accessibility of the material. Additionally, moving to e-textbooks reduces the impact on the environment. In addition, it is critical that all Southern Wesleyan University students check their SWU email account on a regular basis as important course related information (such as assignment updates, course expectations, special instructions regarding online materials) will only be sent to the SWU email account.

Additional Information

Class Representatives
Because clear communication makes everyone's life easier, each class has a representative to ensure everyone stays informed. Learn more.

Learning Teams
A great deal of your learning takes place through the activities completed by your learning team. Participating on a team offers you the chance to discuss the material and work on various team projects. Learn more.