SWU Ambassadors

What is the SWU Ambassador program?

The SWU Ambassador program was created to give current students and alumni of the adult evening programs the opportunity to share with prospective students what has made SWU so special to them.

Who are SWU Ambassadors?

SWU Ambassadors are current students and alumni who represent the university and its adult evening programs. They are students that have experienced what makes SWU so special and want to share that with students who may be interested in attending SWU. They know exactly what it is like juggling school, work, family, and life.

How do I become a SWU Ambassador?

Fill out the SWU Ambassador application. The application will ask the method you wish to be contacted by prospective students as well as other questions. Once accepted, you will be put on a list of SWU Ambassadors. When a prospective student requests to speak with an Ambassador you will be emailed the name of the student who should be contacting you. Your information that you put down as preferred contact method will then be given out to the prospective student.

Apply to be a SWU Ambassador

Learn more about SWU Ambassadors by contacting .