High School Dual Enrollment

At Southern Wesleyan University, we have two paths for junior and senior students in high school to earn college credits.


Dual Enrollment Courses at your High School

SWU is currently offering courses at DW Daniel High School, Pickens High School, and Oconee Christian Academy.


Admissions Process

Unique applications are issued at each specific school, with approval given by guidance counselor for student to take college level courses.


Registration Process

Sit back and relax. SWU will take care of registering you for the courses, and assign you a university email address and course tools.


Costs and Fees

Tuition for Dual Enrollment $96 per credit hour
Technology Fee $15 per credit hour



SWU makes this easy for you by sending you email instructions to pay online.


Courses Available

Courses change based on high school request each semester.



David Slabaugh
Director of Admissions


Dual Enrollment Courses at SWU campus

High school and homeschool juniors and seniors may take courses at SWU’s Central campus on a space available basis.


Program Benefits

  • Complete up to 18 semester hours of college credit while in high school.
  • Graduate high school with accredited college credit that will transfer to most universities or colleges.
  • Reduce the cost of college tuition.
  • Enrich your high school years by taking college-level courses.
  • Earn dual credit if approved by your high school or home school.
  • Get a head start on college.
  • Classes are offered at convenient times to work with your high school schedule.


Costs and Fees

Tuition for Dual Enrollment $96 per credit hour
Technology Fee $15 per credit hour


Get Started Today

  1. Fill out an online application. When filling out the online application, choose “Gateway” as the type of student.
  2. Complete the Gateway permission form and return it to the SWU Admissions Office with your application.
  3. Choose the class(es) you are interested in by contacting the Admissions Office at 864.644.5550 and you will receive instructions on further steps for enrollment.