Low Challenge Course

In our personal and professional lives, one of the biggest challenges facing each of us is the necessity to develop working relationships with those around us. SWU’s 100 Acre Wood offers a challenge course of low elements that create experiences related to personal, professional and team growth.

The facilitator will start with a tentative program sequence for a group based on goals expressed by the group’s leader. As the group goes through the experience, the facilitator will continue to refine that plan. Because the primary benefits of low elements are faith, trust and teambuilding, debriefing is vitally important. Along the way we will spend time reflecting on that experience along with learnings that are important for participants individually and for their group. At the end of the experience the facilitator will lead a deeper debrief toward lessons that participants can apply to lives.

For reservations, contact Dr. Roger McKenzie at or 864.644.5227.


Three-hour Program SWU Groups School, Church & Nonprofit Groups Corporate Groups
Per person cost $12.50 $18 $25
Minimum Group of 8 $100 $144 $200
Maximum Group of 30 $375 $540 $750