Career Services

The goal of the Southern Wesleyan University Career Services staff is to assist all students in meeting their individual career planning needs. We have available a number of resources and programs to help support and assist learners in preparing a professional, proactive approach to career management. Our mission is to enable students and alumni to increase career awareness through assessment, research, experiential learning and the development of job search competencies resulting in informed decision-making. We encourage, through the use of an electronic portfolio, ongoing documentation of acquired skills, experiences and accomplishments in preparation for lifelong career management. We want to play an integral part in assisting you in fulfilling God’s plan for your life.


What Career Services can do for SWU students and alumni

  • Career Advising — A Career Services staff member can provide you with information and guidance for selecting a major, exploring careers, preparing to be a competitive job-seeker, etc.
  • Group and Class Presentations — Our staff welcomes opportunities to speak to classes and student organizations regarding career preparation, graduate school planning, or services we offer.
  • Assessments — Our Career Services staff are able to help you assess your interests, preferences, values, and skills and will discuss with you how these personal factors influence your career planning.
  • Career Fairs and Employer Connections — The Career Connections Event in February is a great opportunity to learn more about future employers. For dates and more information, contact the Career Services Center at 864-644-5149.

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