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The Occupational Outlook Handbook lists hundreds of occupations and describes the education needed, earnings, working conditions, and more.

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Salary websites

This is a great site for researching salary with an employer.  Please remember to present a range rather than a specific dollar amount. - National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) Salary Calculator - CNN’s Cost of Living Calculator


Job Search Boards

Use these resources during the job search phase. Please remember that 70-80% of positions that are available are not advertised. It is important to network because it is the number one way to land a job. Referrals and internal candidates are also leading hiring trends.

SWU Career Center Job Board exclusively for alumni and students - Related to the nonprofit sector - Provides a searchable directory of nonprofit organizations - Videos and tips on how to land your next job - Careers-in-Business - Designed to help you find satisfying jobs in the business world

Job Choices - put out by National Association of Colleges and Employers

Job Choices - Diversity Edition - National Association of Colleges and Employers


Summer Jobs


Graduate School



SWU Resume Workshop (pdf)
Optimal Resume website

Upload resumes at CareerLink



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