Childs Hall

Childs Hall is a residence hall for men or women, freshman or upperclassmen, depending on housing needs each year. It has 32 rooms, with the capacity for 64 persons.

Each room includes:

  • Two beds (adjustable and stackable)
  • Two dressers (stackable)
  • Two desks
  • Two closets
  • A sink and a cabinet
  • Internet access
  • Cable TV access

Each hall has a community bathroom and computer lounge. The lobby offers a vending machine, couches and chairs, and a TV room. Coin laundry facilities are located in the basement. Childs Hall is located next to the University Dining Commons and Campus Life Center.

Floor Plan PDF


Common Areas

  • childs-common-1
  • childs-common-2
  • childs-common-3
  • childs-common-4
  • childs-common-5
  • childs-common-6

Typical Childs Hall Room

  • childs-room-1
  • childs-room-2
  • childs-room-3
  • childs-room-4
  • childs-room-5
  • childs-room-6