Mullinax Hall

Mullinax Hall is our newest suite-style dorm that serves the needs of the upperclassman students. Males are on the basement, first and second floors while the females are on the first and third floors. On first floor, the halls are divided with a lobby in the middle.

Mullinax Hall rooms contain:

  • Air-conditioning and heating in each room
  • A typical room measures 12’ by 14’
  • Window measurements are 71” across and 59” tall
  • Two single beds
  • Two desk chairs
  • Two dressers
  • Two mattress pads
  • One closet with shelves (closet door is 72” – actual closet is wider)
  • One sink, one vanity
  • Bathroom (6’ x 7’) shared between two rooms
  • One mini-blind
  • Carpeted rooms
  • Shower with shower curtain and curtain rod

Floor Plan PDF


Common Areas

  • mullinax-common-1
  • mullinax-common-2
  • mullinax-common-3
  • mullinax-common-4
  • mullinax-common-5
  • mullinax-common-6
  • mullinax-common-7


Suite-style Rooms

  • mullinax-room-1
  • mullinax-room-2
  • mullinax-room-3
  • mullinax-room-4