Student Life

Ask a Southern Wesleyan student what’s so special about this place, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear the word “community.” While many private universities like to use the word “community,” we are redefining it. The Southern Wesleyan community genuinely cares for and helps others. From move-in day to graduation day you’ll experience real community at Southern Wesleyan University.

The community atmosphere we’re talking about is what makes this place magnetic. At Southern Wesleyan you can actively participate in real community and you’ll be changed by the Southern Wesleyan University experience.

Christ-centered Community

At the core of the community experience at Southern Wesleyan is our unwavering focus on Christ and spiritual development. From great speakers and worship in chapel to stretching conversations in the dorms and in the classrooms, Southern Wesleyan has a passion for helping students discover and develop their life calling.

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