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5 Things To Do in Between Classes

5 Things To Do in Between Classes

5 Things To Do in Between Classes

by Zach Wheeler on March 06, 2019

So, you’ve just finished one of your classes and you have a huge gap in your day. What do you fill it with? As college students, we have so much freedom with our schedule. However, sometimes we get those awful two or three-hour blocks between classes. This list of tips is for when you find yourself in that awkward gap with no idea what to do!

Finish Your Homework! There will be times that you won’t be able to finish all of your assignments the night before they’re due. Use time in between classes to get work done for that next class. Also, make sure you keep yourself organized. Look in your planner or go through your syllabus and use your free time to maybe even get ahead. That way, when all your classes are over, you can just chill and hang out with friends instead of slaving over your homework late at night.

Take Some Time for Yourself.  If you find yourself needing a break from people, use this free time to be alone for a while. You can even use this time to power nap (unless you’re like me and can only sleep for hours upon hours at a time)! Take care of yourself. Your mental health is everything when it comes to college. So, take this time and find peace.

Get a Part-time Job or Internship. If you continuously have huge gaps in your schedule, fill it with a job/work study position! Trust me, you’re going to want to have late-night Cookout runs and super fun adventures with your friends. Without money, though, those fun times can be few and far between. So, find a job and get on a grind! Keep yourself financially stable and, just maybe, save something for the future! You’ll thank yourself later.

Run an Errand. Time in between classes is great to make sure you’ve got everything in line. So, go clean your room for that room inspection, clean your dishes, go buy groceries, or do some laundry. Be productive!

Take Care of Your Physical Health. Trust me, although it may seem like lunch is just not an option because you’re trying to finish some huge assignment, it’s vital to your well-being! Even if you don’t eat a full meal, grab something to keep your metabolism going. Not only will it help you maintain your health, but you’ll feel much better doing that work! If you have time, make yourself work out. The "freshman fifteen" is. No. Joke. But, neither is gaining weight from all the junk food we eat. Keep yourself motivated toward better health.


Well, there you have it! While gaps between classes can be annoying, these are just some ways to keep yourself occupied and moving throughout your day. Use your time wisely! So, whether that means fitting in last minute assignments, getting a job, or taking care of your mental health, do what works best for you and rounds out that awkward schedule!

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