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Music Playlists – Unique Just Like You!

Music Playlists – Unique Just Like You!

Music Playlists – Unique Just Like You!

by Allyssa Elliott on November 10, 2021

Music is diverse and inspiring. Whether its country, pop, R&B, indie rock, or soul - music has the power to reach everyone differently. Music has the power to boost your mood or bring you down. Keeping that in mind, a great way to instantly hear the music for your current mood is by organizing it into playlists. Just like music, playlists can be very diverse and broad. Playlists can reflect your mood, and they can help or hinder your willingness to do work or homework.

My music taste is very diverse. I can go from country to pop to rap and lastly to some sad music that makes me want to cry my eyes out! So, as you can imagine, my playlists on Spotify contain a wide range of songs. This can create some challenges for me when I actually need to be productive. It's hard trying to find the right music when I'm trying to do homework because I want to listen to songs that are upbeat and make me want to dance (even though I'm extremely bad at dancing). I’ve found that if I’m trying to write a paper for one of my religion classes, then I can't really listen to that playlist while I work. So, whenever I'm trying really hard to focus on my homework or just trying to focus in general, I have to turn on sad music or music that will help me focus.

Different feelings, emotions, or even weather patterns inspire what I listen to. For example, let's say it's raining outside and I'm listening to music. You can almost bet I'm either listening to country music or sad songs because the weather for that day is draining my spirit. However, if it is sunny and warm, I'm probably listening to either country music or some upbeat pop music. If you can't tell by now, I will listen to country music regardless of what's going on around me because there is a country song for everything, but that's a conversation for another time! Playlists have become important to me because if I have the genre, style, and tempo of music I want to listen to already lined up for me, the only thing I have left to do is hit play and listen.

Whether it’s because I'm bored and don't have anything else to do, procrastinating on homework, or one of my friends asks me to make them one (which I do a lot!), I make new playlists all the time. Not everyone is like me and makes new playlists all the time when they want a new type of vibe or music to listen to while they work. I have a friend who doesn't use playlists because they feel like they can listen to all of their favorite songs on shuffle. I also have another friend who will spontaneously create a new playlist based on a joke or person. So as you can see, the way people listen to music varies from person to person.

The way you organize and listen to your music is probably different from how I listen to music. You may not create a new playlist as a way to procrastinate on your homework as I sometimes do. Or, maybe you do! Are you the type of person who likes to make a new playlist based on a new song that just got released? Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to find new music so you can recommend songs to people.

However you listen to and organize your music, keep it up, because it’s unique to you! So the next time you go to listen to a playlist, remember that the music we listen too can impact our mood and emotions. Take some time to think about the tone you want to set for your day and reflect on that.