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Flex Ministry Program Stories


"Flex is flexible. As a co-vocational pastor, husband, and father, I need this. This flexibility is built into the course learning components--the books and articles we read, the podcast we listen to, the videos we view, and the live, world-class experts we engage. The focus is more than head knowledge. It's spiritual transformation. I'm able to take the material I'm learning in my Flex courses and apply it directly to my ministry. These courses are benefiting me and my church."

Congratulations to Eric who graduated with his BA in Religion on May 6, 2022!

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"Flex has deepened and challenged my faith in unexpected ways. The tuition is very affordable compared to other colleges. The instructors are very knowledgeable and have real-life ministry experience. The content is engaging and easy to navigate online. Flex is preparing me for a great future in ministry!"

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"As a wife, mom of two boys, worship leader, and part time interior designer, I was concerned about going back to school for several reasons. I had been out of college for 15 years, was very unsure about adding more to my plate, but had a deep desire to learn! FLEX has not only offered me the flexible schedule that I needed, but has enriched both my understanding of the word of God and passion for teaching others!"

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"I’m a new Flex student and I am having a great experience! 100% online and virtual, but you are not alone! I feel greatly supported and encouraged by my course facilitator. The zoom classes are always interactive and engaging. The facilitator is incredibly responsive and available to answer questions and help when needed. The content of the class is excellent. I work a full-time job and I’m able to keep up with the workload. It’s good to know that the program is flexible if I need a little extra time to complete an assignment. If you are looking to pursue ministerial studies, I highly recommend the Flex Ministry Program at SWU! Go Warriors!"

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"As an ordination seeker, I have completed classes through several programs, but the SWU's Flex is by far the ministerial education I have longed for!! It is the integration and application of current, relevant, and practical knowledge that makes this the right choice for me and my ministry. SWU has really taken the time to develop a program that is a fresh and reimagined pathway for today’s ministerial students. Everything from personable admission interviews, the option for pre-testing out of certain modules, virtual delivery of highly-relevant course material, personal interaction between student and teacher, and the opportunity to have repeated discussions with highly qualified subject experts has all been provided to not only bring an unmatched, high-quality education, but true personal investment in each and every student. I just can not put a price on the impact this program has had on me, let alone the impact their collective of students will have on the world for Christ!"

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"I am loving Flex! It has been a great experience! I am learning so much about God, about me, and my call into ministry. After every SME zoom, I leave with lots of great information. Flex has already taught me so much in just a few months. I know I’m in the right place to embrace my calling into ministry and also strength my relationship with Christ!"

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"My first SWU Flex course has been a highly enjoyable learning experience with great interaction and content that is both engaging and sharpening. As a missionary, I appreciate the online platform which allows me to grow while outside the USA. The part that has me most excited, though, is the interaction with fellow students, the facilitator, and an SME. I do not feel alone in the learning process. I have felt supported, helped, and valued. Each module has practical and interactive assignments to help students tangibly engage in the subject area. I have felt empowered to try new things and to allow Jesus to stretch my thinking, my actions, and my reactions. If you are feeling called to ministry and/or desire to be a better Christ Follower, these classes will provide you with opportunities to experience that growth."

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