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Catalog of Needs


During these days of tough economic times budgets, of necessity, have had to be trimmed, expenses reduced and much discipline and frugality exercised to live within our means.

With the help and cooperation of many in administration, faculty and staff SWU have lived within their means and balanced their operational budget, ending in the black for the past 16 years. This is especially significant in light of very tough economic times for the past three years

This in no way means that all or most of our needs have been met – much to the contrary.  Tight budgets and tough economic times have left most of our departments at SWU with many legitimate needs, which have been placed “on hold”.

In recent weeks we have addressed this important matter by creating what we are calling the “Catalog of Needs and Opportunities.”

This was created by asking all departments to identify important needs that will advance academics, outreach, community life and student learning this current academic year.

With the list of needs in printed form we are asking friends of SWU to partner with us in identifying one or more of these needs. We recognize that most of us individually are not equipped to meet most of the needs found in this catalog, but collectively if we all join forces with family, friends and co-workers, much can be accomplished.

So many times when needs are expressed we discover a colleague may be connected with a company that might like to supply a need, or a friend with inroads to matching funds or discounts.

Already a number of needs have been gifted.

Click here to view the catalog and see how you can make a difference by meeting a need!