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Saving Childs Hall

Celebrating the first 70 years. Preparing for the next 70 years.

From the Office of the President:

First of all, thank you, to so many who have given lovingly and sacrificially for the saving (renovation) of Childs Hall. This is the oldest surviving building on campus now, and to think we have been given the honor of insuring it new life is such a blessing! We have had a good campaign start, but it is still early, and we absolutely need enthusiastic commitments yet from alumni and friends to make this project a reality.

In the course of this campaign, I have been asked many times about cost comparisons. Could renovating this iconic structure be more cost effective than building new? In that regard, as we started to develop plans, we had two engineering firms evaluate the structure and also compared current new residence hall construction costs to renovation costs. I am delighted to share that not only is the structure as strong as new, but it is crystal clear that by renovating Childs, we will end up with a better overall project that will last longer at a better price than if we built new! As a matter of fact, one engineer mentioned if we had to replicate this building from the ground up, we would never be able to afford it!

I can hardly wait to see the reaction of our students when this project is funded and completed. They will walk into timeless spaces with refinished hardwood floors and everything else inside completely redone with added conveniences like suite bathrooms, walk-in closets, a beautiful new lobby, study rooms, exercise spaces, new windows and heating/cooling systems, and an outdoor deck! The new stair towers on each end will be wonderfully designed with community development in mind.

If you haven’t contributed yet, please do so now. If you have, please consider another gift for this critical project at SWU. Our growth for Fall 2018 is showing signs of surpassing any entering class in history. We need Childs Hall to be done soon! Bless you for your support!

Dr. Todd Voss

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If these walls could talk

Long stories. Short stories. Funny stories. Serious stories. We are gathering stories from Childs Hall that can be compiled and published in a book to be released in 2018. Submit your story today!

Submit your Childs Hall story

Childs Hall has been an integral part of the history of Southern Wesleyan University. For the last 70 years out of SWU's 110 year history, Childs Hall has been "home" to many students across the years. So many memories are housed within its walls.

With 70 years of history to preserve, it is now time to make an investment in Childs Hall in order to save its heritage and extend its life for the next 70 years.

Why renovate Childs?

  • Preserve its heritage as one of the oldest buildings on campus
  • Raise the quality of living to match or exceed all other residence options on campus, including the new residence hall
  • Open up more residence space for increased enrollment so that students won't have to be turned away for lack of rooms

Fast Facts

  • Money to be Raised:  $1.5 million
  • Campaign Timeline:  October 2016 - July 2018
  • Renovation Timeline: August 2018 - June 2019
  • Number of beds in future Childs Hall: 48

Major Changes to Childs Hall

Here are some of the highlights to the planned renovations:

  • Hall bathrooms removed. New bathrooms included in suite-style rooms (generally two rooms per bathroom).
  • Enclosed stairwells added to each end of the building.
  • New windows throughout the building.
  • Window air conditioning units removed. New heating and air conditioning installed throughout the building.
  • New common spaces, including a first floor lobby and a lounge and study room on each floor.

The Future of Childs Hall

How to Give

Giving to Southern Wesleyan is easy! We offer several convenient options for making a gift.

For more information, please contact the SWU Office of Advancement at (855) 644-5008 or .

How Can You Help Save Childs Hall?

Your generous support is vital in saving this beloved and historical residence hall. Your gift, regardless of size, will make a significant difference and will be greatly appreciated.


John Frank Childs

John Frank Childs Leadership Society

Please consider membership in the John Frank Childs Leadership Society with a gift of $1,500 or more to honor our 10th and 12th president (acting president 1927-28; president 1933-45) for whom the building is named.

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities are offered to honor the generous support of individuals and organizations that have contributed in a significant way to the advancement of the Southern Wesleyan University.

These opportunities provide enduring recognition that creates a lasting legacy. SWU has a variety of possibilities available for donors interested in having their name, the name of a loved one or company/organization associated with the university.



Gift Size

Total #

# Taken

Lobby $50,000 1
Lounge Area $25,000 2 1
Stairwell Towers (East / West) $25,000 2
Rooms w/ 3 Beds $22,500 4 1
Observation Patio   $20,000 1 1
Residence Director Suite $20,000 1
Hallways (3 East / 2 West) $15,000 5
Rooms w/ 2 Beds $10,000 18
– Or name half a room (1 bed) $5,000 36
Office Suite   $10,000 1 1
Reception Area   $10,000 1 1
Outdoor Beautification   $7,500 2 2
Study Rooms   $7,500 3 3

Campaign Committee


Jim Bross


Joy Bryant


Elizabeth Childs Drury


Ken Foutz


Darl Fowler


Glenda Hoyle


Charles Joiner


Jimmy Kimble


Dan Loggins


Carol Milstead


Don Milstead


Leah Moyer


Tony Payne


Mickey Rickman


Cody Thomas


Todd Voss  
Charles Wimphrie