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Week of Giving 2022


Welcome to the 1906 Club Launch Party.
Pay it Forward with SWU’s $25,000 Matching Challenge!

1906 Club

This year for Week of Giving we are celebrating the launch of the 1906 Club. Named for the year SWU was founded, this new giving club invites all SWU alumni to join with an annual gift of $19.06 or more in support of SWU student scholarships.

Check out our Week of Giving launch video below with Alumni Director, Heath Mullikin and browse a terrific series of student interviews to learn how every gift to the 1906 Club and SWU’s general scholarship program makes a transformational difference in the lives of students at SWU. Give now and help us meet our goals:

First Time Alumni and
Friends Donors Give Now

Renewing Donors Give Now



Act now and take advantage of our $25,000 matching challenge

This year’s goal is to raise $50,000 for SWU student scholarships and have 250 first-time alumni donors respond to the call to pay it forward for the 330 SWU graduates this academic year.

Let’s face it, even a gift of $19.06 can be a challenge for a new graduate. That’s why every alumni gift of $19.06 or more during Week of Giving 2022 (up to $25,000) earns the donor’s membership in the 1906 Club AND pays it forward for the membership of one of our recent graduates through the matching challenge. Once we serve all 330 graduates this year, we will go to work on next year’s graduates. Act now and give $19.06 a year, a month ($228.72), or a week ($991.12). It all counts!

Never made a gift to SWU student scholarships before? Give Now.

Love to make gifts to SWU all the time? Give Now.

Not a SWU alumnus and still love SWU? Give Now.



Need proof you are making a difference? Check out these videos with Heath Mullikin and students Daniel W., Richard T., Allyssa E., and Tina B for living proof.


Double Your Impact With Our Matching Challenge

If you have never made a gift to SWU there has never been a better time! Join our matching challenge during this year’s week of giving and pay if forward for future SWU Students! Celebrate our heritage with a gift of $19.06 or more to become a founding member of the #swu1906club. Here’s how the SWU experience has impacted Allyssa’s life. Help us reach our goal of $50,000 and 250 first time donors this week! To give today and find out more about the SWU 1906 Club go to https://www.swu.edu/giving/1906-club/.


Invest in the SWU Experience for Future Generations!

Since 1906, SWU has been a place where thousands of students have had a life changing experience. If the SWU Experience changed your life, help us make that experience possible for the next generation of students by joining our week of giving matching challenge. Our $25,000 matching gift helps double your impact this year! Your gift of $19.06 or more will help us reach our goal of $50,000 this year. Here’s how Daniel’s SWU experience has prepared him for his future as a cardiologist.


Invest in our Veteran Students!

Join our matching challenge during this year’s week of giving to help us reach our goal of $50,000. Your gift makes the SWU Experience possible for veteran students like Tina who is majoring in human services. By becoming a founding member of the #swu1906club this week you will double your impact and insure that the SWU Experience is available for generations to come. Are you one of the 250 first time donors we are looking for this week? Take that step and join the club today!


Double Your Gift Today! Last Day!

Senior Richard Tysinger shares how the SWU Experience has changed his life. You can invest in the SWU Experience for students like Richard and help us exceed our goal of $50,000 for this year’s week of giving. Do you know any alumni who could be a first time donor and founding member of the #swu1906club today? A gift of $19.06 or more makes a big impact thanks to our matching challenge! Thank you for helping us finish strong during this year’s week of giving!



Giving to SWU is easy! Several convenient options are available.



Giving Options for SWU Employees

SWU employees are able to give through automatic donations from payroll. If you are a SWU employee and are interested in donating, please download and fill out this PDF form.


For questions or for gifting assistance, call 1-855-644-5008.