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Early College Degree Program

The Early College Degree program provides Pickens County Students an opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree, attending college courses on Southern Wesleyan’s campus beginning the summer following the student’s sophomore year. Students will experience college life in grades 11 and 12 while completing their high school diploma requirements. Students will be able to complete up to 60 hours of college credit. Upon completion of the 60 credit hours required for an Associate’s Degree, students will be awarded the degree at their high school graduation. Upon graduation, students can enter SWU with junior level standing, which would allow them to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in only two years or transfer their credits to another higher education institution.

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Jumpstart to College

Jump Start to SWU enables students to be admitted and enrolled in college level courses through Southern Wesleyan University. These courses can either be taken on-campus at SWU, on the student’s high school campus, or online.

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College @ CTC

The College @ CTC program is a very unique partnership between SWU and the Pickens County School District. Students enrolled at the Pickens County Career and Technology Center can choose to co-enroll in a dual-credit course in their program of study at the Career Center. Students will be taught by Pickens County School District Teachers, alongside Southern Wesleyan University Professors. Courses taken will not only earn credit toward your program at the Career and Technology Center, they will also earn college level credit at Southern Wesleyan University. Students can choose from four program areas: Business Management, Sports Medicine, Criminal Justice, and Media Arts and Communications.

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What does Dual Credit at SWU mean?

Dual Credit means a student is enrolled in credit-bearing college courses at SWU while still in high school.

Can a high school student participate in Dual Enrollment?

Yes. Typically your guidance counselor must approve you taking the courses.

What Dual Credit Programs are available at SWU?

Students may select from a variety of of programs. The Early College is designed for students to take college courses that satisfy their high school credits. The Early College allows students to begin work as early as the summer of your sophomore year in high school. The Early College is typically designed for students wanting to pursue the Associate Degree track. If the program requirements are met, a student would receive their Associate’s Degree by the time they graduate high school. The Jumpstart to College program is designed for students only wanting to take a few dual credit classes, but not the Associate Degree. College @ CTC is designed for those students wanting to take college-level credit as a part of their CTC program.

How do I know which courses I am eligible to take?

Students will work with their guidance counselors on which courses to take each semester. Guidance counselors will work alongside SWU advisors to ensure you are taking the correct courses.

Can I earn high school credit for college courses?

Yes, as long as you take the correct courses that are designed to satisfy both high school and college requirements. That is why it is very important to work with your high school guidance counselor and plan ahead for taking dual credit classes.

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Tuition and Financial Assistance

SWU Tuition, Fees, and Scholarships: The dual enrollment or dual credit tuition rate at the time of this agreement is $100 per credit hour. Additionally, a technology fee of $20 per credit hour is due prior to enrollment. These fees are subject to change and will be communicated to the appropriate parties (e.g., school district, high/homeschool, currently enrolled dual enrollment/credit students, and parents).

SDPC students who successfully complete dual enrollment/credit courses under this agreement are eligible for scholarship funding (up to $6,000) toward a degree program once the student enrolls as a full-time traditional student at SWU. The scholarship amount will be equivalent to the student’s tuition costs that were incurred on dual enrollment/credit courses at SWU. The courses must have been successfully completed, and the total accumulation of scholarship dollars will be split evenly across the remaining terms needed to complete the student’s chosen program of study. Matriculating students must remain enrolled full-time at SWU to obtain the scholarship. Students who unenroll/break enrollment may forfeit remaining scholarship funds as a result of completing SWU dual enrollment or dual credit courses.

Students who complete a nationally recognized certification may be eligible to earn additional credit toward their chosen degree program at SWU. Students who are interested in exploring SWU’s credit for prior learning options should contact SWU’s Admissions office for more information.