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Benefits of Dual Enrollment

Benefits of Dual Enrollment:

  • Dual Enrollment courses can be FREE, through the SWU Dual Enrollment Scholarship! (see details below)
  • Complete up to 60 semester hours of college credit during your sophomore, junior, and senior year of high school.
  • Opportunity to earn your associates degree, in high school!
  • Graduate high school with accredited college credit that will transfer to most universities or colleges.
  • Enrich your high school years by taking college-level courses.
  • Earn dual credit if approved by your high school or home school.
  • Get a head start on college. With 60 hours of college level credit, you could enter SWU as a Junior in College straight out of high school.
  • Reduce the cost of college tuition. Receive up to $6,000 back in tuition toward SWU with the Dual Enrollment Scholarship!

Southern Wesleyan University Dual Enrollment Scholarship

Students who successfully completed dual enrollment courses at SWU are eligible for scholarship funding toward a degree program as a full-time traditional student.

The scholarship amount will be equivalent to the student’s dual enrollment out-of-pocket tuition costs that were incurred on dual enrollment courses.

Example: If a student took 3 hours of dual credit courses at $100 per credit hour, they would have paid $300 out of pocket. SWU will return that to you in the form of a $300 scholarship. Students can take up to 60 hours of dual credit (60 hours at $100 per credit hour is $6,000!).

The courses must have been successfully completed, and total accumulation of scholarship dollars will be split evenly across remaining terms needed for degree completion.