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Undergraduate Adjunct Faculty - Accounting - Central, SC

SWU has an urgent need for qualified adjunct applicants to teach Financial and Managerial Accounting in its traditional and AGS undergraduate programs located at its main campus in Central, SC.


ACCT 2003 Financial Accounting

This course is designed to give the beginning business student a general understanding of the principles of accounting and accounting theories, as well as the proficiency to perform basic accounting functions. Topics include the role of accounting and ethics in business, the development of accounting principles, the accounting equation, current assets, non-current assets, receivables, capital assets and depreciation, and inventory costing methods. Accounting for service, merchandising, and manufacuturing enterprises and developing financial statements, as well as major and recent federal legislation and its impact on internal controls in financial reporting are covered.

 ACCT 2013 Managerial Accounting

This course is an extension of the study of accounting principles or financial accounting (ACCT 2003 ). The course emphasis use of accounting data by the manager in establishing plans and objectives, controlling operations, and making decisions involved with the management with the enterprise. Topics covered include the role of managerial accounting in a business, job costing, activity-based costing, cost-volume-profit, budgeting, and responsibility accounting.


Candidates must possess an earned master’s degree and 18 graduate semester hours in the field of accounting.  

SWU strives to create a distinctively Christian environment that fosters the integration of faith, learning, and living. Applicants must demonstrate a willingness to support the beliefs and practices of the campus community.

SWU does not discriminate in hiring and employment practices on the basis of race, national origin, sex, physical handicap, age, or veteran status of the applicant. To be considered for employment, however, applicants must complete an application for employment and written responses giving evidence of a Christian testimony, and how faith and learning are integrated into the applicant's teaching. 


Interested faculty applicants must submit the following materials. Applicants will not be considered unless all documentation is submitted.

  1. A SWU faculty application 
  2. A letter of application
  3. A curriculum vitae
  4. Official transcripts (graduate and post-graduate level coursework) must be sent directly to Human Resources electronically delivered to or by mail from the degree-granting institution

Submit all application materials electronically to or by mail to Human Resources, Southern Wesleyan University, 907 Wesleyan Drive/P.O. Box 1020, Central, SC 29630. For additional information, you may contact 864-644-5005.