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Why I SWU - Financial Stability


To get the peace of mind that comes with financial stability.

One of the strongest motivators for most adults returning to school is to increase their income. There can be many reasons for seeking a better paying job: a desire to provide better for your children, a decrease in demand for your current skill set, wanting to grow a retirement fund, or simply wanting to improve your lifestyle. Whatever the reason, most adults recognize that the key to financial stability is a higher paying job, and that a higher paying job typically requires a higher education.

As strong as the desire to improve your financial situation is, so can be the doubts. Doubts about whether you can find the time to go back to school while working a full-time job. Concern that a full course schedule will take time away from your children. Worry that you won’t be able to afford it.

At Southern Wesleyan University, we understand the many challenges adults face when going back to school and how overwhelming trying to find the right university can be. That’s why we make ourselves fully available to prospective students to answer their questions, help them understand their options and offer assistance in applying for financial aid. We designed each of our adult and graduate courses with working adults in mind, with flexible class schedules and the ability to earn your degree at our own pace, either online or onsite.

We’ve helped students just like Ebony Austin, a working mother of four, return to school and finish earning the degree she started nearly 20 years earlier – all while maintaining a full-time job. And we can help you too. Watch the video below to learn more about Ebony’s story and why she chose to SWU.

We’ve also helped students like Nicole Brown, who entered the workforce immediately after high school, transition to college for the first time as adults and earn the degrees they need to move into higher paying careers. And we can help you too. Watch the video below to learn more about Nicole’s story and why she chose to SWU.

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