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Clinical Supervisors - Central, SC

SWU has an urgent need for qualified supervisors for student teachers located at its main campus in Central, SC..


  1. Required to attend a training session with the Coordinator of Student Placements prior to meeting student teachers. This meeting is designed to acquaint you with the policies and procedures for supervision of teacher candidates and train you in the state evaluation system.
  2. Expected to travel to a variety of placement locations within a 25 mile radius of the site and may be asked to travel further.
  3. Attend the first Orientation/Kick-off Meeting of the semester to meet the student teachers and set up observation times.
  4. Expected to take part in the mock interviews each semester. 
  5. Meet with their group of student teachers at various times during the semester.  Dates will be announced at the beginning of the semester.
  6. Expected to participate in continuous professional development including School of Education Professional Development (August and January) and a NCATE/Advisory meeting on a Saturday morning in the fall.
  7. Attend meeting with the student teacher and cooperating teacher is to be made before or within the first week of each student teaching placement.
  8. Observe each  student for at least 8 formal observations per semester.
  9. Provide feedback to the student teacher individually and in collaboration with the cooperating teacher and the secondary university supervisior.
  10. Provide feedback on continuous improvement initiatives in the School of Education.



Candidates must possess an earned master’s degree with certification in Elementary, Early Childhood, Special Education, Physical Education, Music Education or Secondary Education. ADEPT training is required.

SWU strives to create a distinctively Christian environment that fosters the integration of faith, learning, and living. Applicants must demonstrate a willingness to support the beliefs and practices of the campus community.

SWU does not discriminate in hiring and employment practices on the basis of race, national origin, sex, physical handicap, age, or veteran status of the applicant. To be considered for employment, however, applicants must complete an application for employment and written responses giving evidence of a Christian testimony, and how faith and learning are integrated into the applicant's teaching. 


Interested faculty applicants must submit the following materials. Applicants will not be considered unless all documentation is submitted.

  1. A SWU faculty application 
  2. A letter of application
  3. A curriculum vitae
  4. Official transcripts (graduate and post-graduate level coursework) must be sent directly to Human Resources electronically delivered to or by mail from the degree-granting institution

Submit all application materials electronically to or by mail to Human Resources, Southern Wesleyan University, 907 Wesleyan Drive/P.O. Box 1020, Central, SC 29630. For additional information, you may contact 864-644-5005.