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Located in South Carolina, Southern Wesleyan University is a Christ-centered, student-focused learning community dedicated to transforming lives.

Professors provide one-on-one mentoring outside the classroom at Southern Wesleyan University

The faith-filled community at SWU is comprised of students, faculty and staff who are passionate about learning and growing, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Fine Arts Events at SWU

Whether you come for a campus visit, fine arts program, or athletic event, SWU seeks to provide educational and cultural opportunities not just to our campus community but to the greater community around us.

Privacy Policy

General Statement

This website is intended to represent accurately the academic programs, policies and personal expectations of the university for the academic year. However, routine changes in programs and in financial charges may occur and will apply to the academic year. Because the university reserves the right to withdraw or add offerings and make other necessary changes this website is a guide and is not an irrevocable contract between the student and the university. The university is not liable for inadvertent errors or for statements made by faculty of advisors contrary to published requirements.

Advertising Cookies

As you browse our website, advertising cookies will be placed on your computer so that we can understand what you are interested in. Our display advertising partner, AdRoll, then enables us to present you with retargeting advertising on other sites based on your previous interaction with Southern Wesleyan University. The techniques our partners employ do not collect personal information such as your name, email address, postal address, or telephone number. You can visit this page to opt out of AdRoll’s and their partners’ targeted advertising.


Southern Wesleyan University intends to comply fully with the Family Privacy Act of 1974 as amended. The policy statement on file in the Office of Academic Records explains the procedures for compliance, and copies are available on request. The following categories of personally identifiable information have been designated as public or "directory" information that may be disclosed for any purpose without student consent:

  1. Name
  2. Local and permanent address
  3. Telephone number
  4. Date and place of birth
  5. Major field of study
  6. Dates of attendance
  7. Degrees and awards (including scholarships) received
  8. Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  9. Weight and height of members of an athletic team

Currently enrolled students may withhold disclosure of information in any category by completing the appropriate form available in the Registrar's Office. Written requests for non-disclosure will be honored for a maximum of one year. Southern Wesleyan University assumes that failure to complete the request indicates approval of disclosure. The law also provides the following rights for students with respect to their education records:

  1. To inspect and review information contained in records
  2. To challenge the content of records
  3. To be granted a hearing if the outcome of the challenge is unsatisfactory to the student
  4. To submit an explanatory statement for inclusion in the record if the outcome of the hearing is unsatisfactory
  5. To prevent disclosure, with certain exceptions, of personally identifiable information
  6. To secure a copy of the Southern Wesleyan University policy of education records