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Auxiliary Enterprise Manager - Central, SC


The Auxiliary Enterprise Manager (AEM) directs all aspects of the University Campus Store, the Blue Hill Coffee & Tea Co., and the University Post Office.


The AEM trains, supervises, and directs a coffeehouse staff of approximately 18 to 25 student Baristas and four Student Managers. The AEM also manages all aspects of the Campus Store and Post Office, supervising approximately 4 to 6 student employees and 2 part-time Assistant Managers; with one shared between the Post Office and Campus Store, and one assigned to support the growing coffeehouse operation.   The campus store would hire up to two student managers as well (Purchasing/Financial and Marketing/Product Design).  One important goal of these auxiliary services is to be an entrepreneurship experiential laboratory for up-and-coming student leaders. The role includes the supervision of product and equipment purchasing, inventory control, hiring and training procedures, business operations, budgeting, marketing, and programming.  Each student manager is carefully trained and assessed by the AEM and will work collaboratively with a student manager of the Campus Store as needed.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Hire, train, develop and be ultimately responsible for the entire coffeehouse, campus store, and post office student employees, managers, and staff.
  2. Provide constant training and support of product delivery, sanitation, customer service, cash operations, product upgrades, marketing and general supervision of staff.   This may require occasional weekend hours depending on the event (e.g. homecoming, track meet, large camps).
  3. Assess performance of staff, development of processes, employment strategies, and provide appropriate supervision of all aspects of the operation, including time sheet submission.
  4. Analyze various reports and maintain a variety of records related to each auxiliary for sales, expenses, inventory, and budget-to-actual activity. This would also involve training a student manager to run these reports and prepare an initial analysis.
  5. Develop an inclusive marketing strategy for these Auxiliaries that includes a revenue growth strategy and profit/loss analysis.
  6. Review and support appropriate point of sale system (ShopKeep is current system).
  7. Perform the liaison role between SWU and eCampus (textbook and on-line merchandise vendor), coordinating faculty book list submission, textbook rental returns, and textbook buybacks.
  8. Assist and equip the Post Office during the first part of each semester as books are delivered from eCampus and the students pick them up from the Post Office. Approximately 2,000 packages are received at the start of each semester, over a 5-day time period.
  9. Stay abreast of the respective industries, developing new supplier contracts, negotiating product pricing and savings, specifying equipment needs and maintenance solutions. This may include meeting with vendors, identifying new products, attending trade shows, and creating new options for enhancing the customer experience.
  10. Insure proper health and hygiene standards, working closely with the Health Department, Maintenance Department and Food Service supplier to create a safe and healthy food service delivery environment.
  11. Focus on using these auxiliaries as a community development initiative for Southern Wesleyan University. The location, layout, appearance, ease of use, friendliness of staff, product array, lighting, seating, special offerings, contests, communication with faculty/staff/students all relate to this role.
  12. Collaborate with other staff and student organizations to facilitate special programs and student activity support. This could include, but not be limited to working with Student Life, Athletics, Conference Services, and Student Government. This may involve coordinating mobile sites for the Coffeehouse and Campus Store.
  13. Additional responsibilities that the AEM may assist with or oversee include:
    1. Auditioning acts, creating contest ideas, providing special entertainment nights, promoting coffeehouse music, naming new drink products, create a festive atmosphere and connecting the Campus Store and the Coffee House to grow the influence of the entire operation.
    2. Regular and creative Communication with the campus community, alumni, Board Members, and other key stakeholders on all aspects related to these auxiliaries, including new products, hours, locations, specials, fun events, etc.


  1. Required: Bachelor’s degree with a preference for a degree in accounting, management, or marketing.
  2. Accounting, analytical, critical thinking, and strong communication skills.
  3. Management and marketing skills along with excellent customer service skills.
  4. Prior supervision experience in a customer service/retail environment preferred.
  5. SWU is committed to maximizing the use of technology in its daily operations and in achieving its strategic goals; the ideal candidate will be familiar with integrated database management systems, including reporting, and have a high comfort level with web-based, mobile and PC applications including but not limited to the use of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access).
  6. Must be willing to work occasional evenings and weekends, with minimal supervision. This position may require flexible hours at various times during the year, particularly during heavy training times at the beginning and ending of each semester. As mentioned above, hours of work may include occasional weekend hours.


  1. Mission and Lifestyle Expectations. The university is a Christian liberal arts institution in the Wesleyan-Holiness theological tradition. In light of SWU’s unapologetically Christ-centered mission, all employees are expected to embrace the university’s Statement of Faith, respect its Wesleyan heritage, and adhere to its lifestyle expectations.
  2. Physical/Environmental Requirements
    1. Visual acuity necessary to do editorial work, proof documents, and manage files.
    2. Requires ability to sit for periods of time in an office environment. May require lifting of objects up to 50 pounds, occasionally items up to 70 pounds and climbing ladders. Standing for extended periods of time and reaching overhead and above shoulders to stock shelves. Bending at the waist, kneeling and crouching. Use of hand truck.
    3. Occasional travel for seminars and vendor meetings.
  3. Pre-employment Screening. Employment is contingent on the completion of a criminal background screening and credit check.

Application Instructions

Interested applicants must send a completed staff application with a cover letter and résumé by e-mail to Keri Stewart, Human Resources Coordinator, by email to  or by mail to:

Keri Stewart, Human Resources Coordinator
Southern Wesleyan University
P.O. Box 1020
Central, SC 29630-1020

Posted June 29, 2017