Private, Christian college in South Carolina

Located in South Carolina, Southern Wesleyan University is a Christ-centered, student-focused learning community dedicated to transforming lives.

Professors provide one-on-one mentoring outside the classroom at Southern Wesleyan University

The faith-filled community at SWU is comprised of students, faculty and staff who are passionate about learning and growing, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Saving Childs Hall Campaign

Warriors at heart. Your campus experience may only last a few years, but your connection to Southern Wesleyan can last a lifetime. Stay connected to SWU through events, publications, and social media.

Students performing in wind ensemble concert as part of the Fine Arts Series

Whether you come for a campus visit, fine arts program, or athletic event, SWU seeks to provide educational and cultural opportunities not just to our campus community but to the greater community around us.

Core Values and Outcomes


Christ Centered: Purpose, Scholarship, Community, Transformation

  • Purpose: A specific calling for a unique role in our world.
  • Scholarship: Academic excellence in an innovative faith-centered environment.
  • Community: Belonging to a connected and compassionate body of learners.
  • Transformation: Christ’s redemptive work in individual and corporate life.

We believe that every individual has a God given purpose, brought to fruition by the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit and the challenge of scholarship. As we participate in a consecrated community of learners we are continuously transformed into the image of Christ both individually and corporately.



The learning community at Southern Wesleyan University fosters in participants

  • biblically informed personal wholeness reflected in healthy, growth-enhancing relationships with God, themselves, and others;
  • the ability to participate articulately in the significant conversations of the human race from a well-informed, reasonable, and distinctively Christian perspective; and
  • the ability to effect positive change through skillful, values-driven engagement with their world.

Such that graduates...

  1. Bear witness to a deepening relationship with God through Christ reflected in integrity of thought, affection, and action.
  2. Have established lifestyle habits that facilitate ongoing growth intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally.
  3. Approach issues of both a theoretical and practical nature from a consistently biblical perspective, tempered by awareness of personal biases and divergent views.
  4. Lead positive change by seeking justice for, reconciliation with, and service to others in a manner that reflects understanding of social dynamics.
  5. Recognize and value truth and beauty in themselves and their surroundings as reflections of the Creator.
  6. Critically and creatively construct their own well-reasoned perspectives in discussing current trends, ideas and events, drawing on understanding of the breadth of human knowledge.
  7. Demonstrate skill in listening, reading, scholarship, writing, public speaking and the use of technology.
  8. Solve problems effectively using scientific research, critical thinking, and creativity.
  9. Work collaboratively in diverse cultural groups to achieve positive results.
  10. Master professional or discipline-specific knowledge and skills sufficient to be productive in the field to which they are called.

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"You [Christian colleges] have what everybody else is desperate to have: a way of talking about and educating the human person in a way that integrates faith, emotion and intellect. ...Almost no other set of institutions in American society has that, and everyone wants it."
— David Brooks, New York Times columnist and author of the best-selling book The Road to Character