AA in General Studies

What is the Associate of Arts in General Studies?

It is a basic curriculum, the completion of which can prepare the adult learner for the Bachelor of Science in Human Services or the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degrees.

What do students enrolled in the General Studies program do?

As a General Studies major, you will assemble evidence relevant to an issue or problem, explain its significance, and use it in critical analysis of alternative approaches or viewpoints using appropriate citations where needed. Additionally, you will learn to present substantially error-free communication (oral, written, and visual) in argumentative and narrative forms to general and specialized audiences. You will use appropriate technology to answer questions, test suppositions, and/or interpret social and economic trends. You will also describe how at least two disciplines define, address, and justify the importance of a contemporary challenge or problem.

Is this major right for you?

You might consider a General Studies degree if you plan to enter the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Human Services degree programs and you enjoy interacting with other people. Also, this program is ideal if you lack previous college credit needed to enter the core program for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Human Services.