Project Read

Southern Wesleyan University administers the state-funded Project Read grant. This grant's purpose is to provide language arts staff development to K-5 South Carolina public school teachers using the Language Circle Project Read curriculum.

Project Read consists of four curriculum strands: phonics, linguistics, reading comprehension, and written expression.

  • EDUC 5813 - Decoding and Spelling Strategies for Elementary Teachers (Phonics)
  • EDUC 5863 – Decoding for Students in Intermediate Grades 4-12 (Linguistics)
  • EDUC 5833 – Structure and Format of Language for the Elementary Classroom (Reading Comprehension)
  • EDUC 5853 - Word Function in Sentence Structure and Paragraph Development for the Elementary Classroom (Written Expression)

Language Circle Project Read is a complete language arts program designed to respect alternative learning profiles. Research-based and student-tested, Project Read has been proven to cultivate knowledge, promote academic independence, and foster personal integrity.

Language Circle Enterprises exists to ensure that every child, no matter their circumstance or ability, has the opportunity to understand, embrace, and enjoy the many components of the written and spoken word.

For additional information on Project Read, please contact Alisha Thompson at 800-289-1292, ext. 5343 or  or Dr. Linda Hall at 803-260-7733 or .

Education Credits at No Cost

Each participant will receive three hours of graduate elective credit for recertification and graduate credit. Tuition, books, and materials will be funded by the state grant at no cost to the participant.


No Project Read classes are available at this time.