Honors Program

The Honors Program is an opportunity awarded to a select group of junior and senior year students in response to academic excellence that allows those students to begin engaging professionally in their chosen discipline before they graduate from college.

Students become candidates in their freshman and sophomore years and are offered some unique opportunities for fulfilling a couple of General Education requirements and are invited to a number of community-building events. Candidates are evaluated in the spring of their sophomore year and if they qualify (with a 3.5 cumulative GPA) are invited to join and complete the Honors Program in their junior and senior years.

Benefits of the Honor Program

  • One-on-one professional mentoring with a SWU faculty member who is an expert in their discipline
  • Professional experience in their chosen field
  • A greater knowledge base in their chosen field
  • The opportunity to move beyond the minimum expectation
  • Presenting evidence to future employers and graduate schools of academic excellence, professional experience and a strong work ethic
  • The satisfaction of success

The Honors Program consists of two main parts: honors classes and honors project. The honors classes are classes that all students take already, but in an honors format. Students also receive academic credit for their honors project work.

For more information, contact Emily Germain at  or 864-644-5295.