Division of Humanities

Do you have a passion for words and ideas? Does the drama of history or the power of telling a great story excite you? These are just a few of the topics you can choose to study as a major in the Division of Humanities. 

Here you will broaden your intellectual horizons and discover how to explore your interests and God-given abilities while also developing vital skills that will give you an advantage in any career. Humanities majors have always excelled in teaching, writing, and media communication, but recent surveys have shown that many Fortune 500 companies have come to prefer individuals with Humanities degrees for their management positions because of their strong thinking and communication skills and their ability to see the bigger picture in any situation.

As a Humanities major, you will learn to think logically, analyze complex issues, make reasoned judgments, and express your ideas effectively - skills that are crucial to success whether your life's work is writing, journalism, filmmaking, history, law, teaching or one of many other fields. You will learn how to approach your field from a Christian perspective and to further Christ's work in your chosen profession.

From English to Media Communication to English Education to History, each of our majors is designed to produce graduates who are well-equipped not only to understand important ideas and events but also to generate creative ideas of their own and to be able to express them effectively in writing, in various media formats, to students in a classroom, or to colleagues in a variety of professional settings.


Degree Programs

English (BA)
English Education (BA)
History (BA)
Media Communication (BA)
Social Studies Education (BA)

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