BA in History

What is the Bachelor of Arts in History?

A Bachelor of Arts in History gives students a broad understanding of the human condition and places current questions, issues, and problems in historical context. The skills and perspective a History major brings to any profession or occupation are distinctive and valuable; these include the ability to think analytically and critically, the ability to see issues from multiple perspectives, the ability to perceive patterns and predict outcomes, and the ability to see beyond the details and grasp the bigger picture in any situation. As research has repeatedly shown, History majors and other liberal arts majors typically enjoy great success in leadership positions in academia, business, law, and other professions because of the strong reasoning and decision-making skills emphasized in their degree programs in college.

What do students enrolled in the History program do?

At Southern Wesleyan University, we believe that every student in every major has the potential and the opportunity to help transform his or her field – and the world – for Christ. As a History major, you will learn history from a Christian worldview and will be able to articulate a personal philosophy of history based on these ideals. You will develop a thorough knowledge of American history and European history that begins with the foundational principles and time-honored heritage of each. You will also learn to compare them thoughtfully and analytically to the histories of non-Western societies. In addition, you will learn how to conduct effective and meaningful research as well as how to present the results of that research in ways that are both useful and appealing.

Is this major right for you?

You might consider a History major if you are interested in teaching history or interpreting and displaying historical artifacts in a museum or at a historical site. If you are interested in working for a government agency, in politics, or in law enforcement, a major in History would prepare you well for such careers as well. You might also consider a major in History if want to work in the corporate world, pursue a career as a military officer, or feel called to the mission field.

About our students

In our History program, students have many opportunities for learning and gaining experience beyond the classroom. These opportunities include internships with local historical societies and museums, presenting the results of their research in both on-campus venues and off-campus conferences, and membership in such prestigious national organizations as the American Historical Association, the Southern Historical Association, the Conference on Faith and History, and the National Association of Scholars. In addition, History majors at Southern Wesleyan University also have opportunities for travel to foreign countries, both in study abroad programs and missions trips.

About our graduates

When you graduate from Southern Wesleyan University with a B.A. in History, you can join alumni and graduates in prestigious graduate schools and programs all across the nation, including:

  • Graduate school in History, leading to careers in higher education.
  • Graduate school in areas such as the social sciences, public policy, economics, the humanities, religion, and education.
  • Law school.

You will be prepared for a career as a:

  • History teacher
  • Historian (corporate or governmental agency)
  • Museum curator
  • Historical society director or staff member
  • Interpreter at a historical site
  • Member of an archaeological team
  • Lawyer
  • Diplomat
  • Archival manager
  • Oral historian
  • Public policy director
  • Genealogist
  • Bibliographer
  • Records and information manager
  • Researcher/writer for historical films or other media
  • Social scientist