Humanities FAQ


Does Southern Wesleyan University have a journalism program?

Southern Wesleyan University offers a concentration in communication within the English major. Newspaper editors, as well as radio and television station managers, usually prefer a candidate with a strong background in English and introductory courses in journalism.

Does Southern Wesleyan offer foreign languages?

The Modern Languages Division offers Chinese and Spanish on demand and has plans to re-instate the teaching of a foreign language. A student who wants to teach should consider completing certification in English and then adding on the language certification after graduation. The necessary courses can be taken while at SWU, but they will be posted for certification after the original certificate is issued.

What kind of degree do I need to teach English?

Southern Wesleyan University offers a degree in English with certification. It is like a double major in English and secondary education. Our graduates are highly regarded in the teaching field.

Does Southern Wesleyan University offer training in Teaching English as a Second Language?

A course in Teaching English as a Second Language is offered. Additional courses required for add-on certificiation for teachers are also offered.