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The Called Camp

Change the direction of your life.
Change the course of the world.

A vision...path...passion...calling.



Could God be calling you to ministry? Want to unpack this calling with passion and insight? You won't want to miss The Called Camp 2017. The Called Camp is a 7-day intensive summer experience designed to help high school students:


Dive into the Bible and anchor your faith as your own

Examine social issues and moral challenges

Define your calling to service

Explore options for full-time ministry engagement

Dates: June 24-July 1, 2017

Location: Southern Wesleyan University campus (Central, South Carolina) with offsite experiences in differing locations based on the track that you select.

Cost: $300

Attendance Cap: Only 60 spots available

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Everyone who is registered and paid before April 15 will be entered into a drawing for $50 back from their registration cost! There will be 20 winners of the $50 back!

Choose from three ministry tracks


Worship Ministry

The goal of the Worship Ministry Track is to engage those who are investigating the call to the ministry of worship and to further the preparation of those who have answered it. The program will seek to balance instruction in worship principles with their application in practice. Students will learn about the role of the worship leader, styles of worship, elements of worship (the Word, sacraments, prayer, visual and dramatic arts, the Christian Year), as well as receive hands-on instruction for worship leading such as musicianship, congregational worship leading, and digital aids for worship planning and media arts.

Adventure Ministry

The Adventure track will provide exciting real-life opportunities through initiatives, low and high ropes elements, and wilderness backpacking that will make their Bible study and theological reflection come alive. Various outdoor experiences will challenge the imaginations of students to explore their personal strengths and what those can contribute to the group. 

Low ropes activities create opportunities for groups to support each other, help each other to succeed (or fail), and to reflect on their group and individual performance. High ropes elements will allow participants opportunities to set goals and challenge themselves physically and emotionally. Further, high ropes elements create wonderful opportunities to explore faith and fear in the context of a supportive community. The wilderness-backpacking trip will allow participants to go into an unfamiliar place and discover that God is there with them and protecting them on their journey, which will become a significant metaphor for their response to God’s calling during the final days.


Missional Outreach

When young people embrace and engage in God’s mission, they become part of the greatest venture on earth. They become part of Christ’s mission to “gather a great multitude...from every nation, tribe, people group, and language...around His throne” (Revelation 7:9-10). Students will discover and deepen their understanding of and commitment to Christ’s mission to gather the nations around His throne. Students will begin to see world needs and moral issues not just as difficult problems, but as missional opportunities for redemption.

The peak experience of this track is a chance to serve with Church on the Street, a ministry in central Atlanta, giving students practical, on-site experience of serving the most vulnerable in the impoverished inner city context. Students will finish this track by discussing and identifying missional opportunities to which they feel the Lord might be calling them, and they will receive tools and next steps for continuing the pursuit of their calling.

Mentoring and Nurturing the Next Generation of Women in Ministry

Women in ministry often face unique challenges in understanding, accepting, and nurturing God’s call and in serving in the evangelical church that is sometimes resistant to the leadership of women. Throughout theCalled Camp, ALL participants will find affirmation for their God-given gifts and desires to serve God. God’s call and God’s gifts for ministry and leadership will be celebrated and female students, especially, will find special opportunities for discussion about and interaction with women who are ministry leaders in a variety of positions serving God and God’s church.


Camp Leaders


Guest Speakers / Worship

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