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Master of Education in Classroom Leadership - Online M.Ed.

About the Program

What is the Master of Education in Classroom Leadership

The Master of Education program is designed for advanced professional development of educators. The program concentrates on an educational framework that supports the advancement, application and integration of relevant theory and practice within the classroom with a focus on philosophical and psychological learning theory, appropriate instructional strategies, critical thinking, contemporary issues and assessment. This program does not lead to teacher certification, however, Master of Education graduates may qualify for a pay increase for earning this advanced degree.


As a Master of Education student, you will practice concepts learned from the program in their own classrooms and conduct educational research. Students have opportunities to work collaboratively with peers, and develop skills in classroom management, curriculum, technology, leadership, and research.


You might consider a Master of Education major if you already hold a bachelor’s degree in education and state certification, have one year of teaching experience, and wish to advance professionally as an educator.

Southern Wesleyan does not advise students on what will or will not be accepted by their state departments of education. Students are encouraged to contact their state department of education to ensure the degree offered by Southern Wesleyan University meets state requirements.

(For those students who hold a Georgia teacher certification, Georgia has implemented new guidelines for the pay upgrade for the Master degree. At this time, Southern Wesleyan University’s M. Ed. in Classroom Leadership will not lead to an upgrade. This is because our program major does not meet the in-field or new field upgrade requirement. Individuals that desire to complete advanced degree programs in the transitional fields of Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Technology and Teacher Leadership must meet the new field upgrade criteria. Please access this PDF for more information. Southern Wesleyan is currently investigating the process for the Master in Classroom Leadership becoming approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.)

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Online Program Start Dates

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Palmetto State Teachers Association Members Scholarship

Southern Wesleyan University will award a 10% scholarship to members of the Palmetto State Teachers Association who enroll in our M.Ed. programs. The 10% scholarship will be applied proportionately to each course of the entire program. The scholarship will be applied only toward tuition.

Students receiving tuition benefits from outside sources, including VA benefits, Military benefits, State and Federal scholarships & grants, and Tuition Assistance programs, may still qualify for scholarship assistance up to, but not to exceed, 100% of tuition expenses.

Student must complete scholarship application form and provide proof of Palmetto State Teachers Association membership.

At a Glance

Earn your Teacher Leader Endorsement

In South Carolina, the primary choice available to teachers for leadership is the administration and supervision certification. Many excellent South Carolina teachers do not want to serve as principals or superintendents but want to remain involved in teaching while they serve in a leadership capacity. The Teacher Leader endorsement helps to fill this void that exists in leadership options for South Carolina teachers.

This optional endorsement was approved by the legislature effective June 26, 2015. The coursework and training prepares educators to serve in leadership roles in schools while remaining classroom teachers. SWU’s School of Education facilitated the development of this endorsement and formed a stakeholder group charged with identifying recommended coursework, practical and observational experiences, and content delivery for options for the Teacher Leader endorsement.

The Teacher Leader endorsement focuses on providing assistance to practicing teachers in becoming leaders who are trained and equipped with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to mentor and coach colleagues. Additionally, they will be able to effectively and efficiently lead school-based teams in setting goals to achieve results; problem solving to find solutions; professional development to meet teaching and learning needs; collaborative professional development to guide learning communities; building school capacity to focus on student outcomes; and interpreting data to impact student performance. Teacher Leaders will develop an understanding of current evaluation models in order to lead and assist peers in strengthening and augmenting their teaching performance with the overarching goal of maximizing student engagement in learning.

The three courses and observational experience required for the Teacher Leader endorsement are already built into the M.Ed. in Classroom Leadership program (EDCL 5373, EDCL 5183, EDCL 5493). You can learn more about this endorsement on page 27 of this Certification Guidelines document from the SC Department of Education.

Your Future

Career Preparation

When you graduate from Southern Wesleyan you will be prepared for a career as a teacher at the elementary and secondary school levels who can take on increased responsibilities such as grade level coordinator or department head. This program opens the door to many career possibilities including:

  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Supervisors at district and local school level

Graduate Experience

Our graduates have held teaching jobs with:

  • Public School districts across South Carolina and the United States
  • Private schools
  • International schools
"The M.Ed. I received from SWU has helped me fulfill leadership duties at my school in a more informed and constructive way. I apply active listening and problem solving skills to assist in the operation and decisionmaking that goes on in the meetings that I am required to attend. My training has also helped me develop skills to interact with parents in a more proactive and encouraging way. I have seen a tremendous improvement in my parent/teacher relationships."

Dana Jackson, Class of 2009