BS in Biology

What is the Bachelor of Science in Biology?

This degree program develops in students a competency in key areas of biology, based on a Christian worldview – that God created the world, He has given us the desire and the ability to discover and understand it, and that we are responsible to take care of its plant and animals life. We believe that we have God-given responsibilities to treat other persons according to the Golden Rule. Students are also required to take classes in Bible.

What do students enrolled in the Biology program do?

As a Biology major, you will learn to integrate faith with learning in biology and be able to discuss ethical implications, even at the global level in biology. You will develop competency in cellular biology, molecular biology, genetics, organismal biology (botany, zoology, microbiology and anatomy and physiology), population biology and ecology. You will learn many tools utilized in biology, including many types of microscopes and various types of equipment used in a laboratory research setting. For medical technology, you will develop competency in the knowledge and techniques specific to medical technology relative to cellular and chemical components of blood and other body fluids and tissues.

Is this major right for you?

You might consider a Biology major if you have a desire to advance to medical school, plan on a career in the health services, seek to work in the healthcare industry, or plan to work in the pharmaceutical industry. If you are analytical and have a desire to learn more about components that make up the earth’s plant and animal life, this program is ideal.

About our students

In our Biology program, students have many opportunities for research and development.

About our graduates

When you graduate from Southern Wesleyan University with a BS in Biology, you can join alumni and graduates in prestigious graduate schools and programs all across the nation, including:

  • Presbyterian College of Pharmacy
  • Washington University (St. Louis, Mo.)
  • Department of Energy Scholars internship

"My time at SWU taught me to think outside of the box and develop innovative ways to make the most of resources. It instilled in me the value of people and forming relationships as it relates to getting things done. That’s helped me so much in my work since graduation."

Stephanie Sestito, Class of 2012