Science Faculty

Dr. Jacob Chapman - Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Location: Brower 123

Phone: 864-644-5218 - Email:

Staci Johnson - Assistant Professor of Biology and Lab Coordinator/Safety Officer

Location: Gibson 156A

Phone: 864-644-5256 - Email:

Dr. Paul Jordan - Professor of Computer Science

Location: Rickman Library O-110

Phone: 864-644-5034 - Email:

Dr. Martin LaBar - Professor Emeritus of Science

- Email:

Dr. Robert Nash - Professor Emeritus of Biology

- Email:

Dr. Rocky Nation - Professor of Biology and Interim Chair of the Science Division

Location: Gibson 156B

Phone: 864-644-5255 - Email:

Dr. Mickey Rickman - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

- Email:

Don Schaupp - Assistant Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

- Email:

Dr. James Schmutz - Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

- Email:

Dr. Paul Shotsberger - Professor of Education

Location: Newby Education Ctr. 128

Phone: 864-644-5375 - Email:

Dr. Walt Sinnamon - Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Chair of Science Division, and Professor of Biology

Location: Brower 127

Phone: 864-644-5221 - Email:

Dr. Ashlee Tietje - Assistant Professor of Biology

Location: Gibson 156C

Phone: 964-644-5254 - Email:

Dr. Jean Wan - Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Location: Gibson 154A

Phone: 864-644-5252 - Email:

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. John Atcheson - Adjunct Professor of Forensic Science
Forensic Odontology

Chief Kerry Avery - Adjunct Professor of Forensic Science
Arson Seminar

Anna Ball - Adjunct Professor of Computer Science

Brian Bartlett - Adjunct Professor of Computer Science

Jane Fleming - Adjunct Professor of Physical Science and Math

Jeff Hollifield - Adjunct Professor of Forensic Science
Trace Evidence Seminar

Ivy Kaufman - Adjunct Professor of Physics

Kerri Kwist - Adjunct Professor of Forensic Science
DNA Analysis and Serology Seminar

Mark Mealy - Adjunct Professor of Computer Science