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South Carolina Region 1 Science Fair

Friday, March 9, 2018

Serving South Carolina Region 1: Anderson, Abbeville, Laurens, Greenville, Greenwood, Oconee & Pickens Counties

Registration deadline: February 16, 2018


Presenting Sponsors:

Piedmont Natural Gas

Information for High School Entries

The South Carolina Region 1 Science Fair requires approval and additional oversight for projects that would be eligible for the Intel International Science Fair.  These requirements are applicable to all projects entered into the High School Divisions. See our High School Division page to download these required forms.

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Science fairs provide an opportunity for students, 3rd through 12th grades, who are interested in science and technology to pursue their personal areas of interest and to display their research as a presentation in a public competitive forum. The Regional Science Fair at Southern Wesleyan University serves the counties of Anderson, Abbeville, Laurens, Greenville, Greenwood, Oconee, and Pickens and works to create enthusiasm in science and technology through project-based inquiry. The fair gives area students the chance to compete for cash awards and other prizes.

Helpful Links

More Info & Guidelines

You can read the project guidelines here.


Find project ideas, score cards, the campus map and more.


Tentative Schedule for 2018 Region 1 Science Fair

This schedule is subject to change based on the total number of participants.

8:00–9:15 – Participants arrive, check in at registration table, and set up projects – Founders Hall.

9:15–9:30 – Opening Assembly in Newton Hobson Fine Arts Center Auditorium.

9:15–11:30 — Participants with Science Club Members at fun and education activities around campus or speaking with judges in Founders Hall.
Parents and teachers are invited to the Hospitality Room in Nicholson Room of Rickman Library. You are also welcome to visit or just relax in the library. Computers, books, and magazines are available for your use.  Coffee is welcome.
The coffee shop and campus bookstore are open on the 1st floor of the Campus Life Center.

11:30–1:00 — Participants, parents, and teachers are invited to lunch in the Dining Hall. Participating students will receive a meal voucher for this meal. Others may dine at the guest rate of $6.

1:15 — Awards in Newton Hobson Fine Arts Center Auditorium.


2017 Regional Science Fair Award Winners

Elementary Biological Science

3rd place – Kylie Willis, Mount Lebanon Elementary School – Ladybug vs. Pesticides

2nd place – Aubrey Stewart, Six Mile Elementary School – Born to Sniff

1st place – Brenden Smith, Northside Elementary School – Garbage to Gas

Elementary Chemistry

3rd place – Dani Smith, Clemson Elementary - Floating Letters

2nd place – Cassidy Riggins, Six Mile Elementary, Bubble Gum War

1st place – Davis Dial, Keowee Elementary School, Pop-Pop

Elementary Physical Science

3rd place – Emma Trotter, Six Mile Elementary – Dodging the Draft

2nd place – Brecken Alexander, Northside Elementary – That’s Shocking

1st place – Sarah Mitchem, Keowee Elementary School – Flat Tires

Elementary Team Division

3rd place – Hadley & Caroline Kittle Mederios, Clemson Elementary School – All Hands IN

2nd place – Rylee Hamby & Jillian Johnson, Northside Elementary School – Hamster Mania

1st place – Ally Moore & Emma Elliot, Northside Elementary School – Brand Balooza

6th grade

3rd place – Brianna Burrafato, Sanders Middle School – Put it on the back burner

2nd place – Liam Chandler, RC Edwards Middle School – It’s Antibodies Guess

1st place – Tyler Crownover, RC Edwards Middle School - Which Length Bilge Keel Best Stabilizes a Boat?

7th grade

3rd place – Carolin Justus, RC Edwards Middle School – Effect of Temperature on Enzymes

2nd place – Hisham Dimashkieh, RC Edwards Middle School - Can Nanotechnology Help Clean Up Disasterous Oil Spills

1st place – Ben Lewis, George Washington Academy – Longer Lasting Bubbles

8th grade Biological Science

3rd place – William Wilson, Wilson Homeschool – You are what you eat

2nd place – Sarah Mullinax – Mullinax Classical Academy – Distracting the brain – is it possible?

1st place – Lacey Boozer, Sanders Middle School – Growing at Light Speed

8th Grade Physical Science

3rd place – Robert Schmitt, Schmitt Homeschool – Flooring in Fluid

2nd place – Ethan Emert, Gray court Owings Middle – Flaming Glory

1st place – Caleb Johnson, Johnson Academy - The Worst Stain or the Best Dye?

Middle School Team

3rd place – Kyndall Blakely, Paola Diaz, Zaniya Walker, Laurens Middle School – Converting Heat into Energy

2nd place- Jacob Wells, Austin Godfrey, Brenden Williams, Laurens Middle School – Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder

1st place – Giselle Dowdy, Summer Howard, Summer Howard, Dolores Pedro-Andres – Sanders Middle School – Are Dog’s Colorblind?


3rd place – Brenda Bennett, Tanner Davis, Tanyzha McCullough, Sanders Middle School – Solar Smores

2nd place – Thomas Sweeney, Mount Lebanon Elementary School -Bricks from your backyard

1st place – Jemarius Evans, Maurizio Moarales, Caleb Patterson, Laurens Middle School - Kings of Lightning Speed

High School

3rd place – Sarah Davis, Davis Homeschool - Inhibition of TBK1 and IKKε by Amlexanox Synergizes with Bortezomib to Reduce Myeloma Cell Growth

2nd place – Kevin Tian/ Ronak Malde, Southside High School - An Investigation into Cost-Effective Alternative Catalysts for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

1st Place – Vignesh Rajmohan, J.L. Mann High School - Sustainable and Inexpensive Water Purification Solutions

Junior Water Award – Zoe Willis, Riverside Middle School - Hartwell's Clam Calamity: Did the algicide used in lake Hartwell affect the clam population?

Senior Water Award - Vignesh Rajmohan, J.L. Mann High School - Sustainable and Inexpensive Water Purification Solutions