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Southern Wesleyan congratulates more than 400 graduates

    12.15.04 | Academics

    Dr. Martin LaBar, professor of science, spoke at the morning graduation and Dr. Robert McDonald, social sciences division chair, addressed the afternoon graduates.

    “Graduation speeches are supposed to impart words of wisdom to the graduates,” LaBar said. “Let's get that out of the way:

    1. Try to park so you don’t have to back out.
    2. Always keep your files backed up.
    3. Make friends of the custodians, receptionists, etc. They’re just as important as you are, and they can help you.
    4. There’s always stuff to pick up off the floor or the grass. Pick it up. It makes things look better, and it’s good exercise.
    5. The most important thing you can do on any job is to help other people.”

    LaBar continued on to discuss God’s protection and the importance of asking for divine guidance.

    McDonald also stressed Christian service in his speech for the afternoon ceremony.

    “Now you’re ready to possess a serving faith,” McDonald said. “Ultimately, your lives will not be judged by what you do, but by what you do for others in the name of Christ.

    “Commencement really means ‘the beginning’ – a start of a way to glorify God,” he said. “You’re God’s sons and God’s daughters. Now go out and claim your inheritance.”

    Southern Wesleyan University students received associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degrees, according to Registrar Rock McCaskill.

    The university had two separate graduation ceremonies at Walden Tysinger Gymnasium. The 10:30 a.m. ceremony was for graduating students from the university’s Central and Greenville locations earning associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, and for students from all locations earning Master of Science or Master of Ministry degrees. The 3 p.m. ceremony was for students from the university’s Charleston, Columbia and North Augusta locations earning associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, as well as for students from all locations earning Master of Business Administration or Master of Education degrees.

    The university conferred about 430 degrees, according to McCaskill. The average age of the graduates is 38, he said. Southern Wesleyan University graduates included:

    In South Carolina:

    Aiken Eugene McKie, M.S. in Management; Karen Baker Matthews, Master of Education; Sylvia Filoteo Barnett, B.S. in Management; Theresa Hill Carr, B.S. in Management; Kimberly Johnson Mitchell, Master of Education; Karl J. Munschy, M.S. in Management; Ragina Taliek Rowe, M.S. in Management; A. Denise Turner, A.S. in Business; Amy L. Weber, A.S. in Business; and Ronald Fitzgerald Myers, M.S. in Management.

    Anderson Mary Roberts Ballenger, Master of Education; Teresa L. Bannister, A.S. in Business; Melissa H. Collier, Master of Education; Rosemary Speight Emory, Master of Education; Dawn B. Mitchell, Master of Education; Donna Louise Southerland, A.S. in Business; Julie Cumbee Weathers, Master of Education; Jeane Elliott Zorn, Master of Education; Tami D. Cain, B.S. in Business Administration; Sharon K. Weiters, M.S. in Management; Jennifer Elizabeth Gettys, Master of Education; Rebecca Hardy Holt, Master of Education; Joey D. Parris, Master of Ministry; Gregory S. Williamson, B.S. in Business Administration; Kimberlee Brown Andrews, B.S. in Elementary Education; and Kenneth J. Cauley Jr., M.S. in Management.

    Barnwell Sam H. Fullerton, A.S. in Business.

    Belton Diane McCall Bowen, Master of Education; Daniel Lee Brooks,B.S. in Business Administration.

    Blackville Shirley R. Elmore, M.S. in Management.

    Boiling Springs Vernon Ronnikka Machaion Lee Adams Jr., M.S. in Management; Dave Thomas Bruce, Master of Education; and Tanja Johanna Kaltwang, Master of Education.

    Bonneau Don R. Pilkington, B.S. in Management.

    Camden Angela Louise Mayer, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Campobello Marian Gail Wofford Cartee, Master of Education.

    Cayce Janet F. Earl, M.S. in Management.

    Central Jeannie L. DeSanto, B.S. in Elementary Education; John Phillip Gillespie, B.S. in Business Administration; Susan Johns Gregg, Master of Education; Loretta Ann Harrington, B.S. in Elementary Education; A. Henry Hooker, Jr., Master of Education; Larry Eugene Miller, B.S. in Business Administration; Dianne Mays Pope, Master of Education; Stephanie Sigworth, B.S. in Business Administration; and Richard Clark Somerville, Master of Education.

    Chapin Laurie J. Grooms, B.S. in Business Administration; and Debbie McCoy Quick, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Charleston Marcella Giannasio, M.S. in Management; Edward Tyler Womack, M.S. in Management; Rosalin L. Speed, B.S. in Management; Synthis Darlene Powell, B.S. in Management; Charleston Rhodee S. Washington, B.S. in Management; Deboria D. Gourdine, B.S. in Management; Danny J. Henry, B.S. in Management; Gregory A. Bulanow, M.S. in Management; Kathleen Marie Kelly, B.S. in Management; Mark Steven Lawrence, A.S. in Business; Mary J. Richardson, B.S. in Management; and Kimberly DeAnne Shields, B.S. in Management.

    Chesnee Tammie E. Burrows, Master of Education.

    Clearwater G. Ann Gibson, A.S. in Business.

    Clemson Stephen Todd Diersing, M.S. in Management; Sheila Hostetter Martin, Master of Education; Amanda Childress Moore, Master of Education; Lynette Ellenburg Sefick, Master of Education; and Kimberly Nicole Gibbs, Master of Education.

    Cleveland Brenda D. Nelson, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    Clinton Dianna Lee Blakely, B.S. in Business Administration; Vanessa Briggs Stoddard, B.S. in Business Administration; and Sharon H. Wormley, Master of Education.

    Clover Leanne Elizabeth Tully, B.S. in Sports Management.

    Columbia Belinda Denise Fair, A.S. in Business; Deidre L. Hollins, B.S. in Business Administration; Tonya Denise Stevenson, B.S. in Business Administration; Gloria J. Brown, A.S. in Business; Christopher Thomas Reidenbach, B.S. in Business Administration; Tará Nureka Brown, M.S. in Business Administration; Deborah Ann McKenzie, M.S. in Management; Mark Jeffrey Brown, B.S. in Business Administration; Kendra Turner-Norwood, M.S. in Management; Michelle Kresge Estridge, B.S. in Business Administration; Tracy Michelle Dobbins, B.S. in Business Administration; Jayne Boger Baker, M.S. in Management; Maurice Louise Gilliard, A.S. in Business; Jennifer Wells Mims, B.S. in Business Administration; Robert A. White, B.S. in Business Administration; Felicia Reneé Prince-Fulmore, M.S. in Management; Rosie Bell Hampton-Quiller, B.S. in Business Administration; and Stacey L. Ray, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Dorchester Furman L. Brown, B.S. in Management

    Easley Shirley A. Bacon, B.S. in Business Administration; Sheila Beasley, Master of Education; Jeanean B. Beeco, Master of Education; Stephanie Leigh Clark Brown, Master of Education; Janet Rae Cantrell, Master of Education; Ginger Houston Dickard, Master of Education; Amy Dawn Howard, A.S. in Business; Steven Wayne Johnston Jr., B.S. in Internet Computing; Cindy Ann Metty, Master of Education; Kevin Gray Smith, B.S. in Business Administration; James Walter Bagwell, B.S. in Business Administration; Thomas Lloyd Dillard, B.S. in Business Administration; Stephanie Powell Driver, B.S. in Business Administration; Janis Brewer Feaster, Master of Education; Jason Eugene Huff, B.S. in Business Administration; Johnnie DeVore King, Master of Education; Stephen Paul Martin, M.S. in Management; Jacqueline Young Stewart, Master of Education; Donald M. Webb, A.S. in Business; and Amanda Martin Wylie, Master of Education.

    Eastover Ricky Antonio Moye, B.S. in Business Administration; Matthew Perkins, B.S. in Business Administration; and Sheree Lynn Spears, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Edgefield Ronda D. Newsome, Master of Education.

    Elgin Jacqueline D. Giddins, A.S. in Business; Bryan A. Jobo, B.S. in Business Administration; Thomasina Davis Marquez, B.S. in Business Administration; and Laura Mitchell Stewart, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Fairplay Matthew Brent Haley, B.S. in Physical Education; and Nadia F. Smith, Master of Education.

    Fountain Inn Wendy Rebecca Bauer, A.S. in Business.

    Gadsden Brenda Carol Sims-Sylvester, A.S. in Business.

    Gaffney Audrey Sims Tate, A.S. in Business.

    Gaston Stephanie Gay Blackwell, B.S. in Business Administration; Teresa A. Conelly, B.S. in Business Administration; and Vicky Goodwin, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Gilbert Donald G. Hicks, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Goose Creek Pamela Lashelle Isaiah Aiken, B.S. in Management; Teresa S. Beavers, M.S. in Management; Brian E. Bennett, B.S. in Management; Adam Lamont Dezelle, A.S. in Business; Connie Faye Gilness, B.S. in Management; Vickie Dee Kummerfeldt, M.S. in Management; David W. Nuottila, B.S. in Management; Joyce Elaine Pace-Reed, A.S. in Business; and Colette Hawthorne Rhue, M.S. in Management.

    Greenville Daniel Lawrence Campbell, M.S. in Management; Jacquelyn Gatewood, B.S. in Business Administration; Willie Jeter Jr., A.S. in Business; Velma R. Johnson, A.S. in Business; Lindell L. Leverett, B.S. in Business Administration; Kathy Antonette Peterson, Master of Education; Doris Ann Pitchford, B.S. in Business Administration; Karen Elaine Terry, A.S. in Business; Teresa Lowry Thurmond, B.S. in Business Administration; Vernice R. Yates, A.S. in Business; Marian Yvonne Smarr, M.S. in Management; Stacie Ann Banister, Master of Education; Tirrell Jane Barnett, Master of Education; Kathy L. Corwin, B.S. in Business Administration; Catharine F. Kennedy, Master of Education; Joseph M. Shapkauski, B.S. in Business Administration; Tonya Demitra Woods, Master of Education; Brenda Kay Beth, Master of Education; Rachel K. Bradley, B.S. in Business Administration; Eric B. Mili, A.S. in Business; Bobby Louis Black, Master of Education; Stephanie Joy Gilstrap, B.S. in Elementary Education; Kimberly Nicole Wilson-Ford, B.S. in Business Administration; Sandy Baudier, Master of Education; Beverly Billey Farley, Master of Education; Leeann Barber Lewis, Master of Education; Nicole Lavon Lomax, A.S. in Business; A. Michael Parsons, B.S. in Business Administration; Alissa Baron Presley, A.S. in Business; Richard Scott Mullinax, B.S. in Business Administration; Betty Jo Russell, B.S. in Elementary Education; Renae Norris Staggs, Master of Education; and Neil Tuck, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Greenwood Rachelle Phillips Dawkins, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Greer Deborah Sue Ford Davenport, A.S. in Business; Joyce Malinda Lynn Davis, A.S. in Business; Meredith Bridwell Edwards, Master of Education; David M. Gibbs, A.S. in Business; Brandon Heath McDaniel, A.S. in Business; James P. Tolan, B.S. in Business Administration; Angela Ware Clardy, Master of Education; Wanda S. Ensley, A.S. in Business; and Mary A. McKeen, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Gray Court Janice Farley Haney, B.S. in Business Administration; and Jeffrey Clayton Haney, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Hodges Jamie Lynn Shirley, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    Honea Path Sylvia J. Bryant, Master of Education; Mellissa C. Estes, B.S. in Elementary Education; and Lorrie A. Tatum, A.S. in Business.

    Hopkins Andrea LaShaun Hallmon, M.S. in Management; Cassandra D. Carter, A.S. in Business; and Eric Jerome McClain, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Inman Teresita B. Beach, Master of Education; Patti Brown Bragg, Master of Education; and Lori Raines Condrey, Master of Education.

    Irmo Vicki Franklin Beckham, B.S. in Business Administration; Zina Francina Hampton, B.S. in Business Administration; Perrene Minick Henry, B.S. in Business Administration; and Sharon Walters Hill, M.S. in Management.

    Jackson Katrina Danielle Douse, M.S. in Management.

    Johns Island Brenda G. Falls, M.S. in Management.

    Ladson Ladson Terry L. Hughes, B.S. in Management; and Lacceetta L. Beck, B.S. in Management.

    Landrum Clyde Richard Wofford, M.S. in Management.

    Laurens Frances Richardson Kennedy, Master of Education.

    Leesville Colleen E. Long, A.S. in Business; and Glenn Lee McKinney, A.S. in Business.

    Lexington Rick Bible, B.S. in Business Administration; Judy Davis Boley, B.S. in Business Administration; Renee W. Caviness, B.S. in Business Administration; John G. Grimes, B.S. in Business Administration; Kindle Leigh Renew Spiegel, B.S. in Business Administration; Thomas Duane Tanner, B.S. in Business Administration; Thomas E. Tapp, B.S. in Business Administration; Dennis W. Cline, B.S. in Business Administration; Mark Ryan Jumper, B.S. in Business Administration; Dana Ivan Knight, A.S. in Business; Melinda W. Knight, B.S. in Business Administration; Olyn Ray Sexton Jr., B.S. in Business Administration; and Alma Starks, A.S. in Business.

    Liberty Mildred H. Brewer, A.S. in Business; Kelly J. Dameron, B.S. in Elementary Education; Anthony Dean Daves, B.S. in Business Administration; Tara Lee Garrison, Master of Education; Robert Edward Gay, B.S. in Business Administration; Sandra Howe Norris, Master of Education; Sheryl Elaine Park, B.S. in Elementary Education; Mark Creasy Stauder, B.S. in Business Administration; Stanley Keith Thompson, B.S. in Business Administration; Tracy L. Wiles, A.S. in Business; Treadwell Raymond Zeigler, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    Lyman Kendra M. Yates, A.S. in Business.

    Mauldin Dena Deanne McCombs, A.S. in Business; Shelly L. Sands, Master of Education; Beth Balcombe Ward, Master of Education; and Suzanne Joy Willis, M.S. in Management.

    Moncks Corner Christine Y. Simmons, A.S. in Business.

    Mount Pleasant Susan K. Pistey, M.S. in Management; Sandra Rawls Robinson, B.S. in Management; Edward McArthur Robinson, B.S. in Management; and Kyna Joy Zealberg, B.S. in Management.

    Mountain Rest Patricia Elaine Rankin, Master of Education.

    Newberry Eiko Shimoda Hendrix, Master of Education.

    Norris Angela Faith Addis, B.A. in Business Administration; and William B. Smith III, Master of Education.

    North Augusta William H. Abraham, M.S. in Management; Rufus Britt III, M.S. in Management; Joy Barefoot Collins, Master of Education; Dawn F. Deal, Master of Education; Joseph Elam Jr., B.S. in Management; Sharon Presnell Hatch, A.S. in Business; Tracy L. Jennings, M.S. in Management; Mary H. Richardson, Master of Education; Carolyn Johnson Ritchie, Master of Education; Kristie Gossett Ward, Master of Education; and Tara G. Lark, M.S. in Management.

    North Charleston Sara Beth Anders, M.S. in Management; Kevin M. Owens, M.S. in Management; Oneida Rotonia Banks, M.S. in Management; Cassandra D. Floyd, B.S. in Management; Melanie R. Hyman, B.S. in Management; Melissa Renee Hudson, M.S. in Management; Jamie Lewis, B.S. in Management; and Myron Eugene Smith, M.S. in Management.

    Orangeburg John Stephen Union II, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Pelzer Ronnie Brock Sr., A.S. in Business; and Debra Sturgeon Garrett, M.S. in Management.

    Pendleton John O. Benson, M.S. in Management; and Rebecca Bozard Privette, Master of Education.

    Pickens Renée Gatlin Anders, Master of Education; Samuel P. Banks, Jr., M.S. in Management; Joy Lynn Bryant, M.S. in Management; Brittany Droddy, B.S. in Elementary Education; Nikki Helene Finley, B.S. in Elementary Education; Elizabeth M. Kelley, Master of Education; and Sally Lynne Mentillo, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Piedmont Jeffrey Wendell Bayne, A.S. in Business; Karen C. Chasteen, Master of Education; Kimberly Goff Donald, B.S. in Business Administration; Lisa Andrea Gilliard, B.S. in Elementary Education; Frank F. Lauria, M.S. in Management; Nicki M. O'Sheal, Master of Education; Terri Jewel Rodgers, B.S. in Elementary Education; and Cherie James Rogers, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Ridge Spring Jennifer Lynn Carson, Master of Education.

    Ridgeway Jean Saturday Whitley, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Roebuck Sabrina A. Eason, Master of Education; Billie J. Wiles, Master of Education.

    Seneca Debra Suttles Burnett, B.S. in Business Administration; Idasa Maria Cobb, Master of Education; Donnie Sylvester Ellis, B.A. in Business Administration; Ronnie Donnell Ellis, B.A. in Business Administration; Thomas O. Goodine, B.S. in Recreation; Sherry Walker Hill, M.S. in Management; Hampton Suber Leary, B.S. in Elementary Education; Vivian C. McWhorter-Hubbard, Master of Education; Mary Cecil Parker, Master of Education; Rodney W. Rice, B.A. in Religion; Darrell L. Rich, Jr., B.S. in Business Administration; Michelle Lynn Roach, Master of Education; Jill Marie Seitz, B.S. in Elementary Education; Jerry E. Walker, Jr., M.S. in Management; Tina M.S. Winkler, Master of Education; and Lola Meares Whitworth, Master of Education.

    Simpsonville Evelyn Joy Bowen, B.S. in Business Administration; LaConda E.S. Boyd, A.S. in Business; Cassandra Garnett Coppola, Master of Education; Christy Lynn Countryman, B.S. in Business Administration; Maureen Raffini Heinbuch, Master of Education; Aimee A. Jones, Master of Education; Terri S. Kittel, Master of Education; Jacqueline Lipscomb, A.S. in Business; Michael McNabb, Master of Education; Shelley L. Smith, B.S. in Elementary Education; Sharon Marie Snyder, A.S. in Business; Sonya Norris Brown, B.S. in Business Administration; Kristen Glenn Chambers, Master of Education; Andrew Scott Green, B.S. in Business Administration; Kimberley Maxwell Leehman, Master of Education; Saeana J. Runzel, A.S. in Business; Carmen P. Smothers, B.S. in Business Administration; and Mary Elizabeth Gaddy Urps, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    Six Mile Hampton Bryan Anthony, B.S. in Business Administration; Erica Lynn Kelley, B.A. in English; Mary E. Masters, Master of Education; and Colleen McAbee, Master of Education.

    Spartanburg Shancie S. Burnett, Master of Education; Milferd Brock Sr., B.S. in Business Administration;Leah Ruth Hursman Wren, Master of Education; Thareta M. Frazier, A.S. in Business; Gracie S. Williams, A.S. in Business; Denia Bomar-Wilson, Master of Education; Sandra Renee Goff, Master of Education; Kelley L. Williams, Master of Education; and Wendy Lynn Bramlett, Master of Education.

    Summerville James C. Cureton, Jr., B.S. in Management; Leslie Limehouse Davis, A.S. in Business; John P. Lacey, B.S. in Management; Theresa M. Rousseau, B.S. in Management; and Ronald T. Ward Jr., B.S. in Management.

    Taylors Denise Renee Arthurs, Master of Education; Gail H. Crenshaw, B.S. in Business Administration; Natalie M. Fryar, B.S. in Business Administration; Stephen Paul Hampton, Master of Education; Jeffrey L. Martin, B.S. in Business Administration; and Steven Mitchell Read, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Townville David Terry Candler, M.S. in Management; Julie Boleman Collins, Master of Education; Debbie Elaine Walker, B.S. in Business Administration; Jennifer Boleman Williams, Master of Education; and Erin Tinsley Wood, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    Travelers Rest Wanda H. Pruitt, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Trenton Jocelyn T. Abney, Master of Education; Beverly Reneé Griffith, B.S. in Management; and Jessica T. Johnson, Master of Education.

    Union Pamela K. Fowler, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Walhalla Sheila Blackwell, B.S. in Business Administration; James Spann DuPre Jr., B.S. in Elementary Education; Pamela Denise Holcombe, Master of Education; Geraldine Denise White, B.S. in Business Administration; and Bonny Lou Williams, Master of Education.

    Wellford Charles Bradford Johnson, M.S. in Management.

    West Columbia Glendoria Early, B.S. in Business Administration; Valerie M. Shannon, B.S. in Business Administration; Kathryn Alice Cunningham, B.S. in Business Administration; Arlene W. Posey, B.S. in Business Administration; Catherine S. Shealey, A.S. in Business.

    West Union Daniel E. Catchings, B.S. in Business Administration; and Gregory K. Edney, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Westminster Heather Wright Harris Anderson, Master of Education; Donna Pauline Busha, B.S. in Business Administration; Melody April Gambrell, Master of Education; Trina Keaton, B.S. in Elementary Education; Rachel Jean Lanning, B.A. in Business Administration; and Julie Marie Pinkerton, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    Williamston Lisa H. Dalrymple, Master of Education; and Elizabeth Ann Hill, Master of Education.

    Williston Martha E. Flowers, B.S. in Management.

    Winnsboro Charmaine L. Smith-Gadson, A.S. in Business.

    Woodruff Sylvia Anne Cromer, B.S. in Business Administration; Sandra Irby Hawkins, Master of Education; Carolyn Sue James, A.S. in Business; Myra O. Lanford, A.S. in Business; Melissa Margaret Patterson, Master of Education; and Sonya Mechelle Thompson, Master of Education.

    In North Carolina:

    Greensboro Colin Trent Carter, B.A. in Historyand Psychology. Winston Salem Jorge Jeremias Vasquez, Master of Ministry.

    Thomasville Andrew Glen Hames, B.S. in Religion.

    Garner Felice Streeter-Fultz, B.S. in Management.

    Bostic Sarah Denise Smith, Master of Education.

    Rutherfordton Lecia Greenway, Master of Education.

    Arden William G. Yarborough III, Master of Science in Management.

    Old Fort Jennifer Meredith Hawkins, B.A. in History.

    Tryon Sandy M. Price, Master of Education.

    In Georgia:

    Augusta Deborah P. Hemingway, M.S. in Management; Joyce Gandziarski Langley, B.S. in Management; Joderick Antonio Cooper, B.S. in Management; John P. Forde, M.S. in Management; Pamela Harden Hawes, M.S. in Management; Nina Tee Harrison, M.S. in Management; Wayne Jerome Jamerson, Sr., M.S. in Management; Rosa Lee King, M.S. in Management; Shirley Moore Lewis, B.S. in Management; Sandra Williams Tolbert, B.S. in Management; Roy Allen DeBolt, M.S. in Management; Louise Howard Butler, B.S. in Management; Brenda Louise Herrington, B.S. in Management; and Tracy Shealy Johannsen, Master of Education.

    Hephzibah Reneé C. Powell-Fletcher, B.S. in Management; Doreen Hall Hester, A.S. in Business; and Andrea U. Woodard, B.S. in Management.

    Martinez Diane J. Crawford, B.S. in Management; Dale Elizabeth Cromer, A.S. in Business; and Kimberly Goforth Gracey, Master of Education.

    Washington Donald Elliott Nunnally, B.S. in Management.

    In Florida:

    Jacksonville Wendy Ann Steck, M.S. in Management.

    Bradenton Michael Gene Nunley, B.A. in English and B.S. in Business Administration.

    In Maryland:

    Linkwood Jennifer Lynn Brake, B.A. in Psychology

    In Virginia:

    Galax Wesley Allen Price, B.S. in Recreation.

    In West Virginia:

    Martinsburg Christine Elizabeth Stanzione, Master of Education,

    In Tennessee:

    Cleveland Christy Lynn Marchant, B.A. in Psychology.

    Chattanooga Joshua Thomas Woods, B.S. in Religion.

    In Pennsylvania:

    Allentown Antwelle Windom, A.S. in Business.

    In Colombia, South America:

    Santafe de Bogota Diego Fernando Vacca Buitrago, B.S. in Sports Management.