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The Truth About Online Degrees: 5 Common Myths Debunked

    11.10.17 | SWU Online

    There are lot of misconceptions about online degree programs that can leave uninformed students wondering if they made the right choice. If you are considering earning your degree online, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the realities of learning in a virtual environment

    To aid you in the decision process, we are debunking five of the most common myths associated with online degrees:

    Myth 1: Getting an Online Degree is Easy.

    Just because you are earning your degree online, rather than in the classroom, doesn’t mean the course load is any different – it’s just delivered differently. Yes, you have more flexibility when it comes to the time-frame in which you complete your degree, but you still have the same assignments, papers and tests as in a traditional classroom.

    Myth 2: You Won’t Really Learn Anything.

    Online degrees are held to the same educational standards as on campus degrees, and coursework is designed to be just as rigorous. You won’t be able to “Google” your way to a diploma.

    Just like any other class, you will have books that you need to purchase, assignments to complete and exams that you will need to pass. As with a traditional degree, you will be required to take notes, study, and prove that you are able to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve gained in practice before graduating.

    Myth 3: The Professors Don’t Really Care.

    Online professors care just as much about the success of their students as those in a classroom setting. In some cases, the instruction may be even better than in a classroom. Teaching online requires professors to communicate differently and forces them to think more about the effectiveness of their teaching methods and student engagement, which can make them better teachers.

    Myth 4: Employers Discredit Online Degrees.

    As long as your degree is earned from an accredited university, the modality in which you earn it makes no difference to an employer. In fact, most universities make no distinction between online and traditional degrees. If you earn an MBA from Southern Wesleyan University, you’ve earned an MBA – not an “MBA-Online”.

    Myth 5: You’re in it Alone.

    Students learning remotely are part of an online community. Although not in the room with you, you can interact with your classmates through chat rooms, forums, email and virtual study sessions. Professors also offer one-on-one feedback and make themselves available through email, phone calls, text and video conferencing.

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