Save the Date!

Oct. 21-22, 2016 

For details about Homecoming, 

call Ethan Cashwell, coordinator of alumni relations and special events, at 864-644-5383 or email


Homecoming Events 



“In February of 1904, about twenty people met on a hilltop near the village of Central, South Carolina, exploring possibilities for the site of a new Wesleyan college in the South. Convinced that God had led them to this location, they knelt in prayer and praise on the grassy hilltop. Two years later, a single building stood near the scene of that prayer meeting, and a dirt road led twenty-nine students to their new “campus” on its opening day. The road didn’t have a name yet, but the hilltop did. It was already being called ‘College Hill.’”

Dr. Robert Black

There’s just something special about hills. God met Israel on Mt. Sinai, Christ bought salvation on Calvary’s hill, early Wesleyans preached freedom from sin and abolition of slavery from Freedom’s Hill, and every year college students have their lives transformed here on College Hill. Come back, eat some good food, enjoy good music, cheer on our sports teams, and celebrate with us as we FILL THE HILL.