Marketing and Communications

The Office of Marketing and Communications is committed to furthering the mission of the university and increasing public awareness of the university through effective marketing principles and communication strategies that enhance the image of Southern Wesleyan University with a consistent, unified look and message. The department works with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the public to promote the priorities of Southern Wesleyan University and to create a more complete understanding of the university and its mission.

Our staff will work with you to understand your marketing goals, develop a targeted strategy to achieve them, and deliver a product consistent with the mission and vision of the university. Please note that all official promotional materials (print pieces, digital pieces, and web presence) need to be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.


Brand Guidelines

These standards provide guidelines for everyone to embrace and help preserve a unified visual identity and perpetuate the brand of the entire university. With the application of these standards, we can better manage our identity and the image we want to project.

These standards are for use as a reference guide in developing communication materials. While most major applications are addressed, it is not possible to anticipate every design situation that may arise. When you have any questions, please contact us; we have a talented team of professionals available to serve you.

Visual Brand GuidE (PDF)

Editorial Style Guide


SWU Wordmark Files

Download the official Southern Wesleyan wordmark files

Project Requests

Between print, web, and mass emails, our office produces over 500 projects a year. In order to keep track of all these projects, we've developed a system to make sure we get your project completed on time.

Since we constantly are managing multiple projects for many departments, many projects require at least four weeks for turnaround. For print projects, we have to give our printing vendors around two weeks to complete a print job and deliver it. So please plan ahead and submit your materials as early as possible.

Print Project

Web Project

Digital Project (PDFs, email blasts, etc.)

If you don't see a request form that matches your project, feel free to contact the marketing department here.