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Administrative Assistant - Central, SC



The Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the School of Business supports the Dean in all aspects of managing the School of Business including, but not limited to, the organization of records and documents, assigning faculty to Adult and Graduate Studies courses, assisting with written and telephone communication, collection and summarization of data, management of schedules and tasks, coordinating of events, researching issues and questions, coordinating publications, and responding to inquiries in the Dean’s absence.


Adjunct and Full time Faculty Assignment for all School of Business courses in the Adult and Graduate Studies programs (face to face, hybrid and online modalities):

  •   Maintains an up-to-date schedule of all Business courses offered through AGS or distance formats, including projections of no less than 15-24 months in the future. Will also need to track any traditional Business courses that will require adjunct instructors.
  •   Works to facilitate faculty contracts and setup with the Center for Teaching Excellence for the development and revision of courses for the School of Business.
  •   Collaborates with Academic records on the correct schedules for AGS and traditional courses.
  •   Arranges for faculty to teach upcoming AGS courses, selecting from a database of faculty approved by the Dean, no less than 60 days prior to the start of a given course. Schedule instructors for traditional program courses when needed. Schedules the appropriate faculty for Orientation for the new AGS starts.
  •   Ensures all relevant departments receive timely communication concerning faculty assignments. Provide adjunct contract manager with timely and accurate information to facilitate the issuing of adjunct contracts with correct salaries. Tracks number of students enrolled in the courses to determine the correct salaries.
  •   Works for Human Resources on all processes in hiring both adjunct and fulltime faculty members.
  •   Creates payroll spreadsheet for each start of courses, with instructors, pay level, number of students enrolled, and amount to be paid. Works with payroll on AGS contracts for adjuncts when course enrollment changes.
  •   Communicates with the Center for Teaching Excellence on updates in AGS faculty member’s professional development activities that affects faculty remuneration.
  •   Assists the Dean when adjunct staffing issues arise to find appropriate solutions.
  •   Facilitates the hiring process and the transitioning of new hires for adjunct and traditional faculty with the Business Office, the Center for Teaching Excellence, and Human Resources.
  •   Monitor AGS course enrollment. Works with each site on moving students from low-enrolled courses, with the goal of offering a higher number of students per class.
  •   Participates in in-service training, workshops and other activities as required or assigned. 

Curriculum for AGS

  •   Maintains and tracks all Business courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs.
  •   Uses the advanced features of word processing, spreadsheet, and database software to produce and/or edit electronic documents. Proofreads all work to ensure accuracy.
  •   Assist with the processing of curriculum (electronic files and materials) used for courses associated with the School of Business courses in the Adult and Graduate Studies programs.
  •   Creates and maintains textbook spreadsheet of both traditional and AGS courses for eCampus and obtains instructor’s copy for adjuncts.
  •   Trouble-shoots issues with eCampus, including external publisher labs.
  •   Reviews all upcoming AGS courses in Canvas to ensure that courses were copied over correctly and all required elements are included.
  •   Formats AGS syllabi and sends updated syllabi to the Center for Teaching Excellence.
  •   Manages textbook requests for faculty to submit to the liaison for the textbook company.

  Records Management

  •   Ensures that all planning, assessment and accreditation documents and reports relevant to the School of Business are kept complete, up-to-date, and secure.
  •   Organizes, files, and retrieves, as needed, all documents and correspondence of relevance to the work of the Dean.
  •   Purges and archives all files, as appropriate, on a regular basis.


  •   Drafts and facilitates the distribution of all correspondence with students, faculty, staff and external contacts and agencies.
  •   Maintains mailing and e-mailing lists to facilitate correspondence.
  •   Responds to inquiries and calls via e-mail or by phone.
  •   Maintains a log of all calls, correspondence, faxes and other communication, as well as files of documents (either electronic or paper).
  •   Maintains a database of form letters and documents which may be used in recurring situations.
  •   Monitors School of Business webpage and social media to ensure currency of information, working with the Dean and the webpage coordinator to provide updates, as needed.

  Administrative Support

  •   Maintains the Dean’s schedule coordinating appointments, meeting requests, and recurring events.
  •   Serves as the primary point of contact for calls and visitors to the School of Business and serves as the primary conduit of information when the Dean is out of the office.
  •  Organizes meetings, events, and special functions for the Dean, as needed.
  •   Welcomes and assists guests and visitors
  •   Ensures that regular forms, publications, meetings and reports are attended to as dictated by a master calendar.
  •   Manages the weekly backup of departmental files to both external hard drive.
  •  Maintains and updates the sections of the catalog relevant to the School of Business.
  •  Maintains minutes of all School of Business meetings and submits to the proper stakeholders.
  •  Processes time sheets, leave and travel forms, new hire forms, check requests and other university forms as needed within the department. Sorts and distributes mail.
  •  Manages all purchases which include, but are not limited to: preparing requisitions, requesting purchase order numbers, reimbursement for faculty travel and Professional Development, contacting vendors for best pricing, placing of order, receiving of purchases, confirming invoices, recording, and sending to Dean for approval, before sending on to accounts payable, and filing this documentation.
  •  Works with faculty and appropriate university office to schedule facilities and vehicles.
  •  Maintains complete invoice files for all special projects from conception to completion, ensuring all expenditures are included
  •  Supervisory: assists Dean with supervisory responsibilities for work study students in the School of Business.
  •  Performs other miscellaneous duties, from time to time, as may be requested by the Dean in support of SWU.



Business and Experience: An associate’s degree required; a bachelor’s degree is preferred. At least three years of previous work in an office environment, or an equivalent combination of Business and experience. Experience working in higher education is preferred.  Familiarity with office management techniques is essential.

Skills: Facility and proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, and a general understanding of database management are essential.  Excellent writing and editorial skills are required.

Qualities: The ideal candidate will possess the following: excellent interpersonal skills; integrity and discretion; attention to detail; organizational skills; ability to work without extensive supervision or instruction; willingness to work in a team environment; commitment to customer service. All employees are expected to endorse the university’s Mission and Statement of Faith and to support and adhere to the lifestyle expectations of the institution.

Physical Ability: Requires the ability to operate a computer keyboard and other office equipment.  Visual acuity necessary to do editorial work, proof documents, and manage files.  Ability to sit for periods of time in an interior office environment. May require infrequent lifting objects up to 10 pounds, and occasionally items up to 20 pounds.


This is an exempt, full-time, 12-month position.


Interested applicants must send a completed staff application with a cover letter and résumé by e-mail to Keri Stewart, Human Resources Coordinator, by email to  or by mail to:

Keri Stewart, Human Resources Coordinator
Southern Wesleyan University
P.O. Box 1020
Central, SC 29630-1020

Posted April 20, 2017