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Advisor for Student Support Services (TRIO) - Central, SC


The Advisor for Student Support Services report to the Director of Student Support Services. The Advisor provide services that enable participants in the Student Support Services (SSS) Program to achieve academic success. The SSS Program is a federally-funded grant program designed to support 140 students who are from low-income families, are first-generation college students and/or students with disabilities. The Advisor will provide academic, social, and personal advising as well as perform testing to assist students in life skills such as decision-making and career planning.  Advisor will have  counseling/advising and have life coaching focus. Continuation of this position is contingent upon renewal of grant funding and proficiency in performance.



  1. Participate, under the leadership of the Director, in the development, implementation, and evaluation of all programs and services offered by the SSS Program.
  2. Provide support and advising to each Program participant that is assigned to the Advisor. Develop an Individual Student Success Plan (ISSP) for each student and monitor the student’s academic progress. The Advisor will meet with the participants at regular intervals as described in the grant proposal.
  3. Support all elements of the SSS Program as described in the grant proposal which was funded by the Department of Education.
  4. Administer and interpret various assessments, such as the College Student Inventory, and adhere to ethical principles regarding these assessments.
  5. Provide individual and group advising opportunities for students.
  6. Provide support for Program participants by delivering programs that provide for academic tutoring, academic advising, financial aid and financial literacy workshops, career development, graduate and professional school preparation, life coaching, mentoring, and cultural enrichment opportunities.
  7. Participate in the process that identifies all SSS-eligible students and in a selection process that meets the requirements of the grant.
  8. Serve as a communication liaison to the faculty and staff on campus so that the Program’s objectives and benefits are understood and supported.
  9. Integrate services provided by the student support team (i.e., tutors, note takers, and supplemental instructors) in the participant’s Individual Student Success Plan (ISSP).
  10. Maintain records related to the students who participate in the Program through Blumen software.
  11. Participate in professional organizations on the national and local levels that enhance the SSS Program.
  12. Serve on University committees as requested.
  13. Perform other duties as assigned.


  1. A master’s degree in higher education or a related field is required.
  2. The ideal candidate will also have training as an advisor, counselor and/or life coach with an emphasis on working with college-aged students.
  3. Exceptional knowledge and experience in providing services to meet the academic, social, economic and cultural needs of students who meet the criteria as outlined under Section 427 of GEPA. Preference will be given to individuals who have successfully overcome educational barriers similar to the students participating in the Program.
  4. Experience working with federal educational projects or grants or student development work requiring evaluation and documentation procedures is preferred.
  5. Experience working with disadvantaged, underrepresented, and/or at-risk students.
  6. Demonstrated ability to make well-informed decisions, solve problems, and coordinate a variety of activities and tasks.
  7. Exceptional organizational skills and the ability to develop efficient and effective systems for the implementation of policies and procedures.
  8. Demonstrated high integrity, and the ability to manage confidential issues and build effective relationships with students, faculty, and staff.
  9. Excellent oral and written communication skills in the performance of duties.
  10. SWU is committed to maximizing the use of technology in its daily operations and in achieving its strategic goals; the ideal candidate will be familiar with integrated database and statistical management systems, including reporting, and have a high comfort level with web-based, mobile and PC applications, including but not limited to, the use of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


  1. Mission and Lifestyle Expectations. The university is a Christian liberal arts institution in the Wesleyan-Holiness theological tradition. In light of SWU’s unapologetically Christ-centered mission, all employees are expected to embrace the university’s Statement of Faith, commit to the mission of the University, respect the beliefs of the Wesleyan Church, adhere to its lifestyle expectations, and demonstrate a mature relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Physical/Environmental Requirements. Visual acuity necessary to do editorial work, proof documents, and manage files. Requires ability to sit for periods of time in an interior office environment. May require infrequent lifting of objects up to 10 pounds, and occasionally items up to 20 pounds. Requires occasional travel or work outside of the regular work schedule.
  3. Pre-employment Screening. Employment is contingent on the completion a criminal background screening.


This is a regular, 10-month, full-time, non-exempt position.


Interested applicants must send a completed staff application with a cover letter and résumé by e-mail to Keri Stewart, Human Resources Coordinator, by email to  or by mail to:

Keri Stewart, Human Resources Coordinator
Southern Wesleyan University
P.O. Box 1020
Central, SC 29630-1020

UPDATED January 30, 2017