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Office Directory

Listing by Department
Listing by Name

Adams, Dr. Simone

- Assistant Professor of Special Education

Addis, Joni

- Interim Director of Library Services & Technical Services Librarian

Allen, Jalen

- Admissions Counselor

Andrews, Mary

- Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) Coordinator

Attawia, Dr. Raymond

- Assistant Professor of Economics and Management

Bagwell, Tonda

- Manager of Contracts and Affiliate Payroll

Bailey, Beth

- Admissions Counselor-On Campus

Barry, Doug

- Food Service Director - Pioneer College Caterers

Barry, Lisa

- Administrative Assistant - Pioneer College Caterers

Bell, Dr. Gloria

- Professor Emerita of English

Bickel, Brittany

- Director of Conference Services

Black, Dr. Laura

- Professor Emerita of English

Black, Dr. Robert

- Professor Emeritus of Religion

Bodie, Peggy

- Project Read Coordinator

Bolding Harned, Regina

- Interim Registrar

Bowen, Dr. Bradley

- Director of Campus Safety

Bowen, James

- Professor Emeritus of Accounting

Bowen, Katherine

- Assistant Residence Director

Bowling, Rob

- Director of Facilities Services

Bowman, Rebecca

- Secretary for Religion Division

Bracken, Rhonda

- Accounts Payable Clerk

Brockinton, Joe

- Interim Head Tennis Coach

Broome, Devon

- Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller

Bross, Dr. James

- Professor Emeritus of Religion

Bryant, Jackie

- Secretary for Division of Fine Arts

Burnett, Pam

- Conference Services Coordinator

Cagle, Terrie

- Executive Chef - Pioneer College Caterers

Campbell, Dr. Don

- Professor of Music

Chavez-Negrete, Dr. Raul

- Associate Professor of Management; Assessment Coordinator

Clary, Isaac

- Website Coordinator

Coker, Bradley

- Senior Admissions Counselor

Coker, Tracy

- Lab & Safety Manager

Confer, Christopher

- Vice President for Student Life

Connor, Dr. Keith

- Professor Emeritus of Physical Education

Connor, Jamin

- Network Technician

Corbin, Lisa

- Director of Institutional Research and Reporting

Corbin, Ryan

- Academic Success Coach for SWU Online

Costello, Kace

- Database Administrator and Integration Specialist

Costello, Mary

- Student Accounts Representative II

Cromer, Noah

- Residence Director of Mullinax and the Apartments

Crosby, Dr. Joe

- Assistant Professor of Recreation and Sport Management

Crothers, Dr. William C.

- Interim President

Davis, John

- Head Women's Basketball Coach

Day, Greg

- Associate Professor of Music and Director of Instrumental Ensemble

Dennis, Warren

- Assistant Director of Information Technology

Dice, Lydia

- OneLife Residence Leader

Dill, Jane

- Professor of Music

Dill, Rev. Ken

- Associate Vice President for Spiritual Life and University Chaplain

Dongell, Rev. Brent

- Associate Professor of Youth Ministry

Drury, K. Scott

- Vice President for Advancement

East, Dr. Keith

- Professor of Education and Coordinator of Graduate Field Studies

Eckert, Grace

- Sports Information Director

Edens, Rachel

- Data Entry Assistant (Online Admissions)

Eischen, Dr. Debra

- Associate Professor of Human Resources and Communications

Eller, Dr. Michele

- Assistant Professor of Biology

Emerson, Dr. Stacia

- Associate Professor of Education

Ervin, Martha

- Executive Assistant to the President

Fipps, Dr. Brad

- Professor of Religion

Forrester, Derek

- Assistant Professor of Recreation & Sport Management

Fort, Rebecca

- Instructor of Mathematics

Fox, Stephanie

- Graduate Admissions Counselor & Communications Specialist

Freeman, Dr. Jessica

- Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology and Graduate Internships Coordinator

Frost, Dana

- Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator

Fryland, Christian

- Interim Head Golf Coach

Gardner, Corey

- Assistant Baseball Coach

Garrett, Ryan

- Security Specialist and Network Administrator

Gaskin, Meredith

- Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the School of Business and the RNBSN Program

Gay, Dr. Bruce

- Professor of Criminal Justice

Germain, Emily

- Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Success & Community Engagement

Gibson, Austen

- Facilities Assistant

Gibson, Shari

- Event Coordinator - Part Time

Gillespie, Mike

- Director of Compliance and Associate Director of Athletics

Gocke, Emma

- Assistant Residence Director

Gray, Heather

- Distance Learning Librarian

Hackney, Dr. Charles

- Associate Professor of Psychology

Hall-Hyman, Dr. Lisa

- Associate Professor of Education

Hammond, Dr. Priscilla

- Assistant Professor of Graduate Studies

Han, Dr. Tingting

- Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Hanson, Nikki

- Payroll and Benefits Manager

Hayduk, Dr. Steven

- Chair of the Division of Social Sciences, Professor of Psychology

Hedden, Laura

- Administrative Assistant for Spiritual Life

Heinz, Anna

- Head Volleyball Coach

Henley, Dr. Walter

- Associate Professor of Marketing

Herd, Andrea

- Secretary for Counseling and Health Services

Herron, Lori

- Director of Health Services

Hewitt, Brian

- Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Holley, Emily

- Coordinator of Campus Experiences

House, Roger

- Interim Vice President for Finance

Hovis, Dr. Patty

- Associate Professor of Exercise Science

Hunter, Dr. Matthew

- OneLife/SWU Site Director

Hunter, Greta

- Accounting Director

Hylen, Dr. Michael

- Graduate Faculty and Coordinator of Doctoral Studies, Associate Professor of Education and Interim Associate Dean of the School of Education

Jachens, Dr. Darryl

- Professor Emeritus of Music

James, Dr. Amber

- Assistant Professor of Music

Jarrett, Amy

- Administrative Assistant to the President

Johnson, Dr. Staci

- Chair of the Division of Science, Associate Professor of Biology, and Coordinator of Biology Program

Jones, Danita

- Director of Academic Online Support Services

Keaton, Dr. Michael

- Professor of History

Keeran, Dan

- Technician

Kerstetter, Rev. Bob

- Director of Worship and Discipleship

Kerstetter, Rev. Gail

- Director of University Singers

Kizer, Dr. Lee

- Professor of Human Resources and Business Ethics

Knight, Dr. Lewis

- Associate Professor of Media Communication and Media Communication Program Coordinator

LaBar, Dr. Martin

- Professor Emeritus of Science

Ladd, Adam

- Safety Coordinator

Lathan, Debbie

- Online Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Lee, Dr. Gunsung

- Coordinator of Studies in Psychology, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Lee, Dr. Namhoon "August"

- Assistant Professor of Finance

Mahony, Dr. Jim

- Professor Emeritus of Business

Mann, Brittany

- Director of Student Accounts

Mavis, Michael

- Accounts Receivable Specialist

Mayfield, Joshua

- Assistant Director of Marketing and Branding

McClung, Linda

- Advancement Operations and Donor Relations Specialist

McDonald, James

- Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science

McLendon, Dr. Sandra

- Dean of the School of Education and Professor of Education

Mealy, Dr. Betty

- Professor Emerita of English

Meneses, Al

- Head Women's Soccer Coach

Miller, Cami

- Senior Financial Aid Counselor - Online Programs

Mohr, Dr. Ann

- Assistant Professor of Education

Mohr, Dr. Jeffrey

- Associate Professor of Biology

Morgan, Tasha

- Director of Financial Aid

Mullikin, Heath

- Director of Alumni Relations

Myers, Chandler

- Auxiliary Enterprises Manager

Myers, Dr. Ken

- Professor of History

Oliver, Alex

- Interim Head Softball Coach/Assistant Athletic Trainer

Owensby, Breanne

- Computer Support Specialist

Parris, Cheryl

- Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Pate, Ellen

- Assistant Vice President for Student Wellness and Career Development

Pate, Wes

- Director of Campus Activities and Intramurals

Paxton, Leah

- Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Payne, Tony

- Associate Vice President for Development

Perez, Monica

- University Counselor

Phaup, Raymond and Mary Ann

- Managers of Eagles Rest Bed and Breakfast

Pilgrim, Brandy

- Records Specialist

Pirkle, Dr. Kip

- Professor of Management

Pittman, Donna

- Warriors CARE Center Coordinator

Potter, Gavin

- OneLife Assistant Site Director

Preacher, Dr. Stephen

- Dean of the School of Business and Professor of Business

Quarandillo, Jaime

- Administrative Assistant

Quarandillo, Josh

- Head Men's Soccer Coach

Radford, Chase

- Lead Facilities Technician

Reininga, Julia

- Director of Athletics and Head Women's Volleyball Coach

Rhodes, Deborah

- Administrative Assistant and Housing Coordinator for Student Life

Rickman, Dr. Mickey

- Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Sales, Terri

- Records Specialist

Schaupp, Don

- Assistant Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

Schleifer, Dr. Paul

- Professor of English

Schmutz, Dr. James

- Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Schneider, Lindsey

- Head Women's Lacrosse Coach and Senior Woman Administrator

Scott, Xavier

- Security Officer

Sens, Jean-Mark

- Research and Instruction Librarian

Shearin, Dr. Patrice

- Associate Professor of Physical Education

Shepard, Adrienne

- Office Manager & Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Shirley, Byron

- Lead Facilities Technician

Shotsberger, Dr. Paul

- Professor of Graduate Faculty

Simmons, Susie

- Financial Aid Counselor - On Campus

Simms, Jacob

- Assistant Coach-Men's and Women's Track and Field & Cross Country

Sinnamon, Dr. Walt

- Faculty Emeritus of Science

Sircy, Dr. Jonathan

- Associate Professor of English

Slabaugh, David

- Assistant Vice President of Admissions

Smith, Richard

- Data Coordinator

Son, Dr. Hyun Jin

- Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Southern, Caleb

- Director of Retention

Stewart, Harold (Trey)

- Assistant Track Coach

Swords, Dr. Brian

- Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Tapper, Dr. Michael

- Chair of Religion Division, Associate Professor of Religion, and Director of Quest

Taylor, Mark

- Facilities Assistant

Thiel, Greg

- Head Coach - Men's and Women's Track and Field

Thornton, Dr. Mona

- Professor of Education

Thorpe, Matthew

- Assistant VP for Residence Life and Activities

Timmerman, Laura

- Assistant Professor of Economics and Statistics

Tolan, Rev. Dave

- Missionary-in-Residence/Student Missions Fellowship

Trimmier-Lee, Cindy

- Student Success Manager

Turner, Joey

- Assistant Professor of Human Services and Coordinator of Studies and Internships for Human Services

Walker, Jennifer

- Director of Marketing

Watkins, Sarah

- Instructor of English

Watts, Dr. Tyler

- Assistant Professor of Education

White Pugh, Dr. April

- Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Whitener, Kenneth

- Vice President for Auxiliary Services and Interim Chief Financial Officer

Wickham, Michaela

- Director of Spiritual Formation / Itinerant in Residence and Quest Administrative Assistant

Williams, Dr. Mildred

- Associate Professor of Psychology and Program Coordinator for MS in Counseling Psychology

Williams, Seth

- Videographer

Williamson-Holley, Dr. Courtney

- Instructional Designer

Wilson-Nealy, Tahlia

- Athletic Success Coordinator

Wilson, Dr. Mark O.

- Assistant Professor for Discipleship, Multiplication and Renewal

Wood, Dr. Don

- Professor Emeritus of Religion

Woodworth, Dr. Fred

- Professor Emeritus of Education

Wooten, Bruce

- Budd Group Account Manager

Wright, Roman

- Assistant Coach-Track & Field/Cross Country and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Young, Dr. Janice

- Assistant Professor of Education and Coordinator of Field Studies