Christian college students interact in Blue Hill Coffee, a student-run enterprise at SWU.

The faith-filled community at SWU is comprised of students, faculty and staff who are passionate about learning and growing, both inside and outside of the classroom.

SWU alumna Kelly Tegen waves from a ferris wheel at the 2019 Homecoming celebrating alumni experiences at this Christian college.


Warriors at heart. Your campus experience may only last a few years, but your connection to Southern Wesleyan can last a lifetime. Stay connected to SWU through events, publications, and social media.

SWU provides a Christian college environment for fine arts engagement opportunities.

Whether you come for a campus visit, fine arts program, or athletic event, SWU seeks to provide educational and cultural opportunities not just to our campus community but to the greater community around us.

Office Directory

Student Life

Jamie Armstrong

- Interim Residence Director
Location: Mullinax HallPhone: 410-725-6439

Bradley Bowen

- Director of Campus Safety
Location: Campus Life Center 212Phone: 864-508-0107/864-644-5144 (Office)

Christopher Confer

- Vice President for Student Life
Location: Campus Life Center 214Phone: 864-644-5142

Rev. Ken Dill

- Associate Vice President for Spiritual Life and University Chaplain
Location: Newton Hobson Chapel and University Fine Arts Ctr. - Room 219Phone: 864-644-5431

Stephanie Fox

- Coordinator of Employer Relations
Location: Campus Life Center 217Phone: 864-644-5148

Steven Groves

- Residence Life Director
Location: ApartmentsPhone: 864-508-0719

Andrea Herd

- Secretary for Counseling and Health Services
Location: Campus Life CenterPhone: 864-644-5131

Lori Herron

- University Nurse
Location: Campus Life Center 224Phone: 864-644-5134

Kaitlin Messick

- Auxiliary Enterprises Manager
Location: Campus Life CenterPhone: 864-644-5104/5107/5108

Ellen Pate

- Assistant Vice President for Student Wellness and Career Development
Location: Campus Life Center 216Phone: 864-644-5149

Wes Pate

- Director of Campus Activities and Intramurals
Location: Campus Life Center 205Phone: 864-644-5123

Monica Perez

- Director of Counseling and Health Services
Location: Campus Life Center 225Phone: 864-644-5135

Deborah Rhodes

- Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life
Location: Campus Life Center 210Phone: 864-644-5141

Jason Tegen

- Assistant VP for Campus Life and Housing
Location: Campus Life Center 213Phone: 864-404-5471 (mobile)

Cindy Trimmier-Lee

- Director of Student Support Services (TRiO)
Location: Campus Life Center 207 APhone: 864-644-5129

Michaela Wickham

- Assistant Residence Director (Intern)
Phone: 803-673-4008

Chris Williams

- Director of Athletics
Location: Tysinger Phone: 864-644-5303
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