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BA in Writing and Digital Studies



Read, analyze, write, speak. Become an expert communicator with a Writing and Digital Studies degree!

Write your story with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Digital Studies! You need a degree that fits you, that creative, unique soul waiting to awaken its purpose. You might enjoy reading, writing, speaking; or perhaps you find yourself giving lengthy reviews of movies and literature, engaging in thought-provoking debates, or aspiring toward law or graduate school. This degree is designed to develop your reading and critical thinking skills, as well as strengthen their written and oral communication skills and your ability to engage in research. In addition, you will learn about literary theory, the history of the language and literature, and linguistics. The benefits derived from the Writing and Digital Studies curriculum will serve you well in a wide variety of real-world situations.

Is the Writing and Digital Studies major right for you?

Oh, the possibilities! You might consider a Writing and Digital Studies major if you are interested in a career as a writer, editor, or professional communicator for publications or businesses, or if you have a desire to become an effective communicator in the mass media. As a Writing and Digital Studies major at SWU, you’ll learn to read critically, communicate both through written and oral means, and analyze literature through the lens of Christian faith. Through study and research, most students develop an appreciation of history and culture as well. If you have an interest in teaching English at the post-secondary level or enjoy communicating through written and oral means, the Writing and Digital Studies program could also be right for you.

Get relevant professional opportunities with an Writing and Digital Studies major such as:

  • graduate work in English, Composition, and Rhetoric, or Comparative Linguistics
  • translation
  • overseas teaching
  • editing and publishing
  • copywriting
  • reporting
  • going on to Law School or Business School


Dynestee Fields - English Major