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3+1 Ministry Programs

Inventive Training  •  Real-Life Contexts  •  Practical Ministry Experiences  •  All before Graduation

About the 3+1 Religion Track

This religion program option prepares students for practical ministry in a variety of areas, with 3+1 concentrations in Christian Ministry or Youth Ministry. Religion majors learn to apply scriptural principles to contemporary life by taking what they learn in the classroom for three years and diving into a ministry residency during their fourth year.

As a 3+1 religion major, you will begin cultivating a pattern of spiritual accountability and participate in ministry before you graduate. Additionally, you will learn to effectively and persuasively preach and teach, to plan and conduct worship services, to give pastoral care, and to understand basic counseling. As you gain a deeper understanding of the theological implications of life issues, you'll also experience what it means to share the plan of salvation with a seeker, provide administrative leadership for ministry, and continue your personal spiritual development.

SWU's 3+1 curriculum option provides ministry preparation that is "both/and":

  • Traditional / Contemporary approaches
  • Large church / Mid-small church experiences
  • Historical appreciation / Missional relevancy
  • Classroom instruction / Residency mentoring
  • Campus experience / Real-life ministry

You might consider a 3+1 religion track if you sense God’s calling on your life into vocational ministry or a Christ-centered organization, are an individual who shows Christ-like compassion to others, and are seeking a hands-on educational experience.

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Christian Ministry Track
Youth Ministry Track

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3+1 Course Structure

First 3 Years

96 credits completed — There are many ways to complete 96 credits by the end of your third year.

Fourth Year

12 credits for ministry residency

12 credits of online ministry courses (four of the following courses):

  • WORS 4223 - Ministry of Worship
  • RELG 3043 - Ministry in Cultural Context
  • RELG 4213 - Leading in Ministry
  • SPFD 2153 - Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Ministry
  • YMIN 4423 - Administration of Youth Ministry

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