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BS in Biology - Pre-Pharmacy

Prepare to help heal the world with a Pre-Pharmacy degree.

The Division of Science at SWU has been preparing students for careers in the health professions for more than 50 years. In addition to our excellent record of helping students achieve admission to Pharmacy, Medical, Dental, Physical Therapy and other graduate schools, our programs emphasize content mastery with personalized attention. Students are supported and encouraged by dedicated faculty members throughout their coursework and available extra-curricular research and internship opportunities. This program provides eligibility for students to receive the STEM Enhancement to the SC Life and Palmetto Fellows Scholarship programs.

Pre-Pharmacy Students Get More than Just a biology Degree

As a biology or pre-medical major, you will learn to integrate faith with learning in biology and be able to discuss ethical implications, even at the global level, in biology. You will develop competency in biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, organismal biology (e.g., botany, zoology, microbiology), anatomy and physiology, environmental science, and scientific literacy. Looking for hands-on experiences? You will not only have access to many tools utilized in biology - microscopes (e.g., fluorescent, electron, polarizing), spectrophotometers, electrophoresis apparatus, computer-based data acquisition equipment, and other professional laboratory equipment - but also research experiences and internships. The Pre-Pharmacy major will prepare you for professional coursework while providing you with the pre-requisite courses needed for admission to most Pharmacy Schools!  

“I learned how to think critically and how to network, which I believe are two of the most important skills you can take with you into the pharmacy world. Not only did I learn the essential tools needed for survival in pharmacy work, I also immensely enjoyed my time at SWU."
- Katie Haynes, SWU Biology Graduate, current PharmD


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