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BS in Mathematics Education

About the Program

This degree program develops in students a competency in key areas of mathematics and pedagogy, based on a Christian worldview—that God created the world, He has given us the desire and the ability to discover and understand it, and that we are charged with the responsibility of applying these laws for the good of all creation. We believe that the Creator of all order seeks to commune with and through His eternal creatures love, purpose, structure, and acceptance. To this end mathematics education students also take classes in Bible, philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy.

What do students enrolled in the Mathematics Education program take?

As a Mathematics Education major, you will learn to integrate faith with learning about the nature and/or applications of mathematics and statistics, of computer science, and of teaching methods and techniques. You will develop competency in calculus, algebra (both linear and abstract), geometry, numerical properties and process, methods for instruction and assessment of mathematics content in the classroom, application of technology, and the historical/philosophical/psychological basis for effective communication of mathematical ideas. The role of computer , computer software, communication devices, graphic calculators, etc. is a significant aspect of this program.

Is this major right for you?

You might consider a Mathematics Education major if you have a desire and disposition to teach high school age students and you enjoy mathematics. If you are analytical and have a desire to learn more about the order that we find in creation this major may be for you. If you have been moderately successful at doing mathematics as evidenced by grades on previous work and you are willing to apply yourself, this major may be right for you. If you want to be prepared for several mathematics related and intensive professions and have a desire to share your knowledge, you may find a Mathematics Education major ideal.

In our Mathematics Education program, students have many opportunities. Some students are involved in tutoring as a work study. Some become private tutors. Students are involved in multiple practicum experiences in local middle and high schools working with professional personnel and students.

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