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The faith-filled community at SWU is comprised of students, faculty and staff who are passionate about learning and growing, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Department of Science, Technology, and Mathematics


The mission of the Department of Science, Technology, and Mathematics at Southern Wesleyan University is to prepare students to confront globally important issues in a rapidly changing world with skills in discipline-specific content, communication, information processing, analysis, synthesis and problem solving. Students are encouraged to view their studies from a Christian worldview as our faculty emphasize faith and learning in the various disciplines and to utilize their knowledge and skills in serving God and humankind. Our graduates are expected to be well-prepared academically, to be committed to exemplary ethical standards, and to be comfortable with being identified as Christians in their chosen vocations.

Choose your path

The Department of Science, Technology, and Mathematics offers the BA degree with a major in Chemistry, and the BS degree with majors in Biochemistry, Biology, Computer Information Systems, Environmental Studies, Exercise Science, Forensic Science, Mathematics, Pre-Dental Science, Pre-Medical Science, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Pharmacy, and Pre-Veterinary Science. Additional courses are offered in physics and physical science. Students are matched with a faculty advisor upon acceptance to the program. Advisors not only provide assistance with course selection, but provide guidance for career preparation or graduate/ professional school admission.


Science Degree Programs

On-Campus Programs

Biochemistry (BS)
Biology (BS)
Chemistry (BA)
Computer Information Systems (BS)
Concentration in Business Informatics
Concentration in Media Informatics
Concentration in Music Informatics
Environmental Studies (BS)
Exercise Science (BS)
Forensic Science (BS)
Concentration in Biology
Concentration in Chemistry
Concentration in Computing
Mathematics (BS)
Pre-Dental Science (BS)
Pre-Medical Science (BS)
Pre-Pharmacy (BS)
Pre-Veterinary Science (BS)

Science Faculty

Fundamental Assumptions

Our Values

  • Christian Faith: We affirm the Bible as the source of Truth and a relationship with Jesus as our goal. We seek to grow in our knowledge and application of these truths in our personal and professional lives. In addition, we believe that all things were made through God and He did this for His glory, but Christians may hold different views about the details of how this is accomplished.
  • Learning: We affirm the importance of developing a strong knowledge base in one’s discipline and a well rounded general education. We strive to grow learners who can apply their knowledge in their workplaces and lives.
  • Professionalism: We affirm the importance of being identified as a professional in one’s chosen discipline. We practice excellence in oral and written communication. We also support continued professional growth of Division members.
  • Community: We affirm that building a diverse community is essential for a SWU education. We provide venues where Division members grow from friends to family. Faculty demonstrate an ethic of care with their students.
  • Teamwork: We affirm that development of teamwork skills is essential for professional success. We build relationships so that individuals become productive team members.
  • Integrity: We affirm the importance of honest and ethical behavior in education, the workplace, and life in general. Therefore, we seek to develop ethical practices and habits to grow as people of integrity.
  • Excellence: We affirm that God has given each individual specific work and that we glorify Him by doing that to the best of our ability. Therefore, we are dedicated to training new generations of scientists and professionals to demonstrate mastery of disciplinary knowledge and skills.

SC Region 1 Science Fair

The Division of Science practices contagious generosity by producing and hosting the South Carolina Region 1 Science Fair. Science fairs provide an opportunity for students, 3rd through 12th grades, who are interested in science and technology to pursue their personal areas of interest and to display their research as a presentation in a public competitive forum. The fair gives area students the chance to compete for cash awards and other prizes.

The Regional Science Fair at Southern Wesleyan University serves the counties of Anderson, Abbeville, Laurens, Greenville, Greenwood, Oconee, and Pickens and works to create enthusiasm in science and technology through project-based inquiry.